Not the focus of the blog, but Korean women and Korean girls continue to dominate the traffic

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Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori

More than 50% of the time when looking at the top Korean websites like and, you will see some image of a top Korean female model.  As stated before in previous posts, Korean women dress in a tantalizing manner.  So, unless I’m totally devoid of my natural desires of a man, I can’t help but notice.  Today, it happened again and my theory of Korean women being the sexiest dressers just continues to be buttressed.

My main coworker is freezing these days just like me.  However, she is even colder because on most days, she’ll wear skirts to work regularly.  Across the Korean peninsula, you see this constantly: Korean women still wear skirts in the most freezing temperatures.  It never made sense to me from a comfort standpoint, but at the same time, the simple fact they wear high heels despite all the discomfort falls helps me understand a bit more, I guess… 

Anyway, here’s the latest proof of my theory – pics that automatically show up on the top Korean websites.  It will probably just continue to support the top 3 searches (here on The Real South Korea) which lead to my blog beyond “porcupines.”

It’s not just my blog though., a Korean American portal which focuses on Korean American issues in a social manner has the same realization.  Their #2 most viewed thread basically is images of Korean women/girls.  Another top 5 thread most likely is also related to these same images despite the title.  They’ve also changed their format recently to profile top images on the site and in the few times I visited recently, pictures of racing models for example dominated the galleries.


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2 responses to “Not the focus of the blog, but Korean women and Korean girls continue to dominate the traffic

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  2. All 6 Korean girls above. I wish I had them in my bed. ^^

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