Possible switch in focus for the The Real South Korea…

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14 yo Park Seo Jin

14 yo Park Seo Jin

So, I’m just writing my latest post & I see what looks to be a new feature in the dashboard in WordPress called “Random hot post” which is titled: Semi-Nude Photos of 14-Year Old Draw Controversy.  I seem to recall the title from an article in one of the English Korean newspapers and click on it.  The link takes me to this blog I’ve seen a couple of times & I believe I may have even emailed the writer because he (I believe) is a fellow Busan resident.  His blog is called The Grand Narrative.  His goals of his blog are “providing an in-depth, often irreverent look at Korean social issues…examining issues in depth takes time, and so while this blog is not a daily source of news on Korea, it is ultimately a better means to understanding Korea than most of those sources provide…”  His purpose sounds basically academic and if you read the posts, he writes like an academic for the most part. 

As an academic though, I would think his blog is read by a “few people,”… but by DOUBLE the amount of people that read my blog?  Granted, I agree his blog has more “depth” in his posts and the feel just seems a bit more consistent than my erratic and somewhat random posting.  Reading further, I find out he sort of “cheated” his way to his over 430,000+ views (in contrast to my  192k+ views) like I’ll admit I did.  I think both of us originally intended to just “see how it goes” with our blog experiments, but saw the traffic grow.  Something deep inside of us likes when we become popular and when many people read (or just look at pictures on) our blogs, we get some satisfaction out of it.  As a result, we switched focuses slightly or catered to the viewers’ wishes.  So, after reading a bit more of his blog, I realized “hmmm…he’s been blogging for 4 months less than me & yet has DOUBLE MY TRAFFIC?”  He’s talking about 1000 views a day shooting for 2000 at one point?  I was happy with my recent & consistent traffic of about 600-800 views a day, but someone who is even more serious/academic than me gets more traffic?

I know it’s silly, but it just doesn’t feel right.  As a result, I’m going to see if a little more experimenting boosts that traffic in the short term.  The fact of the matter is that I’m not necessarily a newspaper with proper guidelines, nor do I need to really write only on “living in Korea” topics or “working in Korea” for that matter.  To be frank, I find that I can’t write too much about the latter topic since I deal with Human Resource matters & a majority of those are private.  In regards to the former, I write about them occasionally, but have decided to work on a different project separate from this blog & so I save a lot of the “good stuff” for “Seoul Insider.”  Well, it’s not necessarily “good stuff”, but I’m hoping “useful information” at least.

No offense to the nice family guy over at The Grand Narrative, but I just want to feel like all that time didn’t go to waste.  So, please forgive me for diverting a tad to drive a little traffic here, if you don’t mind.  I honestly don’t know who reads this beside Koo, some friends and a few coworkers who tell me once in a while, but if it is ever offensive and you were hoping for more stuff related to living or working in Korea, just let me know.  I honestly don’t know how useful the blog is…I can’t say I even write that much about myself which sometimes we think are what blogs are: personal journals.

Afterthought: OK, my feelings of not getting enough traffic from all my posting is worse now.  I found another blog by some guy who looks like just a kid who’s definitely younger than me focuses on pop Korean topics and has driven about 9 million + views…so The Grand Narrative doesn’t make me feel bad…this blog called Coolsmurf does.  Ha, ha…

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