Korean websites where you can find computer/laptop deals

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kohjinsha laptop

kohjinsha laptop

My coworkers recently showed me some Korean websites to shop for computers since I said I was looking for a cheap laptop to replace my current solutions.  I have a couple old laptops that take forever to bootup.  One also has problems with the keyboard where it seems like a hotkey is stuck and the regular keyboard keys don’t function — basically, I can’t type anything on it or navigate properly.  The other one has problems connecting to my wireless LAN and I have to pull it out and insert it along with sometimes rebooting it.  It’s sad though when I think about the fact I’m complaining about moving my hand just a few times and being patient a few minutes longer.  It’s funny how society’s become more and more impatient about just a few minutes (or maybe it’s just me?).  Anyway, the websites are:

Enuri & Danawa

They showed me these Korean websites for shopping for laptops/computers because I thought I found a japanese laptop for as little as $150 (or 179,000 won in Korea) here on this site called Vosang.  The laptops they profile are Kohjinsha laptops with screens less than 9 centimenters diagonally.  My coworker complained it would hurt my eyes.  There may also be a catch where you have to send in your used funtioning laptop to get them down to the low price.

On Enuri, I did see a strong name brand laptop (LG) which was selling for about 570,000 won which is MUCH less than I paid for my Toshiba laptop 3 years ago (about $2k; even though it’s a bit higher than the Kohjinsha laptop).  Also, I was thinking a laptop needs a strong warranty given that I’ve had many problems with the Toshiba laptop (despite Toshiba supposedly being one of the best laptop brands in the world).  So, this laptop being supported by one of the two best brand names in Korea might possibly give me good A/S (after service) support on the purchase.  So, I’m leaning towards paying the extra 300,000 won or so for less headaches. 


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7 responses to “Korean websites where you can find computer/laptop deals

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