Ingenious online marketing site: Subservient Chicken dot com

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Burger King

Burger King

Thanks to Facebook and Ashley Parks, one of our teachers in our company, I just learned about a website the online marketing crew over at Burger King concocted called “Subservient Chicken.”  You get a website of a live guy (or it appears he’s live & it could be a gal for all we know) dressed up in a chicken who takes commands from online viewers.  At first, I don’t know why, but I told it to “die.”  Well, it didn’t do as asked.  While waiting, I saw it scratching it’s head with it’s wing (hand, I mean).

After thinking to blog about this funny little experiment that Burger King decided to put live, I went back to it and asked to do other more realistic commands like “bend over” and “lift up your leg.”  This time, it immediately did both on command.  I proceed to ask it to “sit down”, “stand up,” “sit down” and “stand up” again.  It obliged.  To throw a little spice in the commands, I told it to “lay down.” It did.  However, I threw a longer request to “turn the light off” and it just walked around in a circle.  You could kind of tell when it did commands, it looks like recorded video for the commands is being delivered for typical commands like “sit down” and “lay down.”  So, in their database, they have most of the commands covered with some sort of video.

Regardless, it was a good idea for their BK Tendercrisp which looks to be the benefactor of this campaign.  While I’m not sure if it will become viral, but I’m sure the folks at BK are hoping it will.  It does make me wonder, “why didn’t I think up something like this?” to drive traffic to one of my websites.  It reminds me for some reason of The Million Dollar Homepage the (once) 21 year old Alex Tew which I actually bought a piece of & it drove quite a bit of traffic to my real estate website when I was actively practicing.  These type of ideas are the ones I wish I was the first…maybe some day I will be.  I still have my now almost 10 year idea of When I Leave and the even older idea of the Synthesis Foundation.  Just need to get the financing…  ^^

zombie playground

zombie playground

On another note, I just saw this cool graphic artist a friend of mine Tom Tran posted on Facebook.  The guy’s name is Jason Chan and here is his website.  The art to the left might be disturbing to some, but I thought was a bit innovative and different — that’s the kind of art I like.

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