Have a few minutes to fill out a survey in Korean (한글)? Pwetty Pwease…

South Korea Koreas ReconciliationA reader of the blog asked me if I wouldn’t mind forwarding the following survey to my Korean acquaintences.  What better way to invite them to fill out the survey than post it here?!  So, if you wouldn’t mind obliging this nice young student for a school project, I’m sure she would be appreciative.  It’s about gender equality.  Couldn’t find the direct translation from English to Korean on the term “gender equality”, but the Ministry of Gender Equality is called the “여성부.”

She writes:


I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I must say it’s rather entertaining 😉

I’m commenting here today as I have a favour to ask… I’m working on gender inequality in South Korea for a school project and I need to circulate a survey… If possible, could you please pass on the (korean-language) survey to your korean acquaintances?

Here is the link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=OiAD3Z0c4Sm2epv49zkGwg_3d_3d

Any help will be very, very much appreciated. Also, I apologize for the suddenness of my request!

With Regards,
XYZ (keeping her name anonymous for her sake)”


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5 responses to “Have a few minutes to fill out a survey in Korean (한글)? Pwetty Pwease…

  1. If you like, I’d be quite happy to post a translation into English on my own blog and ask my own readers to take the survey. Or is your student only after the responses of native Koreans?

  2. Hi James,

    Thanks for being so kind to offer. I’m sure she would be open to having as many replies in either language.

    Too kind of you,


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  4. It’s up: the link should be showing here soon, but if not here it is:


    Somewhere else on your blog, the student actually gives her name in her comments , so I don’t she’s worried about anonymity actually! But if you do think so, perhaps you’d better edit those too?


  5. You’re right. However, some people aren’t as smart as you and me & so keeping it anonymous in the one location at least keeps here “pseudo” anonymous. ^^

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