Porcupine vs. Dog: There’s only one loser – crazy porcupine quills in a dog images

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One of the most popular posts on this blog is one about a dog with a large number of porcupine quills in it’s face.  In honor of the post, I thought I would follow up with this post which shows a gallery full of the pictures of what will happen to a dog if it messes with a porcupine:


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6 responses to “Porcupine vs. Dog: There’s only one loser – crazy porcupine quills in a dog images

  1. Oh dear. Not pretty. Whenever my dog would get quilled he’d show up with a sad, sick look on his face. At least he knew to come to us for help. He was an Alaskan Malamute and Grey Wolf cross – a very big dog – and it always took a big effort for us to remove the quills. Sometimes they were so numerous or so far down his throat that we’d have to take him to the vet. The high cost was a huge incentive for me to be on the lookout for porcupines, especially baby ones, when I was walking with him in the woods and he was off his leash. If I spotted one before he did, I’d call him to me and put him back on his leash. Those quills are awful!

  2. poor dogs! not pretty. doesn’t it hurt if you pull them out?-or worse when you get them i’ve never seen a porcupine so that’s why i came to images but i never wanted to see this!

  3. lewis

    i think that you are sick minded why would you but that on the internet how would you like it if your dog was killed by a porcupine and died a horrible death and some randomer put a picture of of him/her on the internet for everyone to see!! THAT IS SICK!!!

    • colvinbm

      It is informative. my dog just got hit, and i wanted to see if my poor girl was a very bad case, or if she needed immediate vet. attention, as I was camping in the middle of nowhere, at 10pm and would have had to pack up a whole camp and hike my hurt dog and 6 yr old son out. Seeing there were worse cases, and that I could pull most of them there and get to the vet in the morn was a relief. Try not to judge lest ye be judged, or so they say…..

  4. ken

    Nice warning. these pics just warn you if you have a dog. they’re obviously not intented to make someone cry. there’s much more gruesome pics out there.

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