Free SEO Consulting – limited time offer!

freeI’ve decided to give away my Search Engine/Internet Marketing services for free to the first three requests by websites who would like to climb the Search Engine Results Pages of Google.  The only thing I ask of the reqests are that they:

  • come from businesses that have relatively established businesses that generate at least several million dollars (USD) annually in revenue from their current products or services
  • already have a web presence on the Internet & it’s been online for at least a few months; 6 months or more is recommended
  • are willing to provide me enough control of their sites to help them improve the needed changes remotely
  • are not in the following industries due to the large amount of money & time required to beat everyone else who’s already in the businesses competing (adult, gambling, make money online, credit cards, SEO, spam like services, financial services).  I will help the highly competitive world of real estate though since I understand the business relatively well.

I think that’s about it as far as what I’ll require.  I will provide at least a few hours of consulting most likely at least, but if you’re friendly and deserving, I may even provide up to several months or more in free consulting.  I do ask in return if I do help you that I receive credit at least in case I would like to add you to my list of previous successes.  Additionally, I reserve the right to decide who I choose to help.  Naturally, if you’re a pain and we don’t get along, I’m sorry, but that’s an instant veto for your request.  Also, I’m a stickler for communication.  So, you must be good at that too.  ^^

To request services: Please simply leave a comment with contact information below.

**Please note: I do have a full time job and I do this more out of pleasure because I truly like doing this. However, since I am a manager of over a hundred individuals, I do also reserve the right to have a life other than this.  Cheers.

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