Google apologizes to the world where the world isn’t looking…

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google apology

google apology

Google had some problems on their end and for a good 40 minutes on the 31st of January (2009), every search result said “This site may harm your computer”.  So, you may have been confused when clicking on the results.  They apologized on their blog to everyone — not on the site of course though.  So, 1/1,00,000,000 of the people who care probably read about it.  I just happened to find it when looking at Alexa (which I haven’t done in a LOOOOOOONNNGGG time).

They “thanked their team” for the quick work in finding this, but I wonder if there wasn’t a bit of yelling and stress in the operations center when this happened.  I remember at Doubleclick when we had problems like this and our CEO was definitely NOT happy when it did.  I wonder how “calm” it was inside Google’s HQ at that time.

Perhaps they need to punish employees by making them pay for their food at HQ?  Maybe take away some of their stock options?  Oh, never mind…the loss in stock price maybe is enough.  Then again, maybe the loss in stock price has not motivated employees recently enough to look the other way more these days???  Who knows…

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