Back to college: iClickers, bSpace and Black Lightening notes…

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UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley

If you’re a Cal Bear, you probably know what I’m talking about.  However, if you’re not, you might be thinking WTF?!

I’ve been meaning to take an OCW, aka Open Courseware class since it first came out in 2001 and when I wrote about it here in “Free MIT MBA? Free Masters of Science in Engineering?” a couple years ago. I’ve actually tried to be frank trying to figure out a couple of MIT courses two or three times, but each time, there weren’t the simplest of instructions & being in Korea, it seemed like I would be lacking quite a few things including the books, the lecture or the lecture notes.  However, I did get to peruse through the syllabus which was a good start and again, it’s Free! 

Recently, I noticed the growth since ’01 how many new programs have launched and Berkeley seemed to have a decent set of lectures on a number of classes.  The courses aren’t as numerous at UC Berkeley Open Courseware (aka Webcast Berkeley) or as diverse as MIT, but one class called “Economic Demography” caught my interest despite my searches for online/internet marketing courses instead.  What I liked the most is that I could download the lecture in Mp4 format so I could look/listen to it on my own time.

While cooking dinner, I like to listen to music for company.  However, playing the lectures instead the last couple of nights was interesting.  I was introduced to things I’ve never even heard of including the above “iClickers, bSpace and Black Lightening notes.”  While the latter two aren’t revolutionary, all three have shown me how times have changed after I went to college in the early 90’s.  Also, I picked up some interesting Demographic concepts already including “Population momentum,” “Population pyramids,” etc.  …and again, it was free!

I’ll be getting my 2nd BA from Berkeley soon!  ^^

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