Proud of myself…

physical abuse

physical abuse

It’s not often you can boast about being proud of what you do.  Lately, I feel like I am definitely maturing and being less afraid of saying what “should be said.”  At times, you back down since you know conflict is not going to help a situation get better.  In other times, you know that conflict is necessary or that you must simply say what’s on your mind so that later more abuse or problems will fail to occur.  In the past month or so, I’ve been speaking my mind regardless of the outcome.  I think it through before doing so & in those times where I know conflict will result, I move forward…

The other night, we were at a dinner for one of the branches that we manage.  It’s our flagship branch since it’s the largest one in our 15 individual schools.  We went to a bar after dinner and sat around chatting for a bit.  In the middle of talking with my coworker Jason (who I think is a great guy, by the way), we notice an older man standing up and yelling at an older lady.  They are in their 40’s, I’m thinking or at least he is.  She’s possibly in her mid 30’s.  It’s hard to say.

The reason why I can’t tell how old she is…is because he’s hitting her or slapping her pretty dang hard.  So much, it starts to bother me.  Others in our group start to notice, but since it’s their business, most of us don’t do anything initially.  It continues…

Honestly, I can’t handle it.  I don’t care if it’s man or woman (well, to be frank, I probably wouldn’t get in the middle of a fight between two guys unless one of the two is truly and unfairly being taken advantage of), but people shouldn’t be hitting each other regardless of what sort of verbal abuse is being doled out.  So, I stand up and start yelling at the top of my lungs to stop it in Korean!  I tell the guy he needs to stop or…  I can’t remember the rest, but I seem to recall that I basically saying he shouldn’t being doing that implying that’s no way to treat a woman (or like I said, any person).  This isn’t the first time I’ve confronted someone here in Korea and on each occasion, I was risking further violence.  This time, I knew the guy was willing to fight me & I him.  However, I didn’t care.  Nobody else except Tim, I saw really did anything.  When something like this happens, I would of expected more to act, but when only myself and another friend who I know has courage was willing to confront this guy acted, I was a bit unimpressed no one else wanted to act.  One of my coworkers later told me the guy had a big ass tattoo on his arm and looked like a gangster.

The bar owner comes to calm me down and tries to prevent a fight from starting between me and the older guy who doesn’t look like someone who would give me an easy time.  To be frank, I’m starting to shake because I definitely know if I’m getting into it with this guy, I’m not walking away from it without any marks.  I definitely would have taken some pain away regardless of my wishes.  It doesn’t matter…it’s simply wrong for him to do what he was doing.

Fortunately, the altercation never happened, but he did continue to be at least verbally abusive from what we could tell, but at least the bar owner got the message it was bothering us too and I believe it helped her from being hit as badly as she was getting hit.  Unfortunately, it seemed like she was used to it because she kept on taking it when it was happening.  Again, it’s still not right…


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4 responses to “Proud of myself…

  1. TheDude

    Wife beating. Yep that is theralkorea.

  2. Wouldn’t say Korea’s the only country guilty of it. I’ve heard worse in the states. However, the less here that exists, the better…

  3. stacykimm

    go Brandon haha ;:)

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