If, then… I wish someone would develop a contingency software tool!

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if then

if then

Many of us work hard — very hard for that matter.  We’re willing to put many hours into our work and at times are incredibly efficient.  Howeer, many of our coworkers ask us “Is xyz done yet?”  “Can you tell me where abc is right now?”  We’re usually waiting for someone else in the big puzzle we call work to finish something that would let us do our job ultimately.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some form of project management or task management software that helped us point out the true kinks or dependencies we have in our daily “to do” lists?  Perhaps the ideal software could also help us understand how long the delays are and if the things (or people) who hold us up continue to do so & at what frequency?  Perhaps, it will ultimately become an HR or rather a Human Resources tool which helps us understand who’s more efficient in an organization? 

Well, I was just thinking about this because I love it when someone sends me a message to ask me if I’m done with something they asked for, but I need “person A” and “person B” to do something before I can do what I need to do.  I hate to provide that as an excuse, but I really can’t do anything until A and B do what they need to do.  I get regular requests like this and it always perplexes me why A & B just can’t do their jobs that quick.  I’m sure overall, when you look at A & B, perhaps they may be waiting on C & D…while C & D may be waiting on E & F.   It may be a very complex ball of dependencies, but maybe the Big B (B = Boss) should oversee some software that allows them to analyze A through Z.

What’s your thoughts?


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5 responses to “If, then… I wish someone would develop a contingency software tool!

  1. ekochman

    There is a piece of software called OpenWorkbench which does exactly that. There is also FogBuzz (I think I spelled that right) which has similar functionality. A search for Project Management Software should turn up what you are looking for. The next 2 challenges, of course, are getting your company to buy the software, and then getting the people at your company to use it.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I just found the second tool you were speaking about. It’s spelled “FogBugz” I guess. Click on the name to go to their site.

    Looks like they’re giving you 45 days to try out their software for free. You’re right though…trying to get your company to pay for it’s the problem. It’s not like we have the huge pocketbooks to help us help others do their jobs, eh? 🙂

  3. ekochman

    True, but if you can show how buying the product will save them money and time (by helping people plan projects better and be better able to track progress), then you may be able to get the buy-in you need. But be sure you quantify the savings, which is hard to do, but is possible. Managers, and those who approve budget expenses, like numbers.

  4. I hope I didn’t misunderstand, but it seems to me that what you want is the concept of finish-to-start tasks. As far as I know all the current tools/applications have it, including, of course, MS Project.

    I did recently publish an excellent article on project dependencies, take a look whenever you have time.

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