‘Dat Darn (WordPress) Blogs of the Day “special formula” is hard to figure out…

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wordpress-blogs-of-the-dayAs wordpress.com’s “Blogs of the Day” growing blogs list page says, they throw up the rankings based on:

“The most popular WordPress.com blogs are ranked here according to a special formula.”  Special formula?

I’ve been there a few times, but most recently on January 26, 2009.  The Real South Korea ranked I think it was #38 on the “Growing Blogs” list.  Two days before I was thrown on the list, I had about 830 views.  The day after, it shot up to almost double to 1621 views which may have triggered this listing.  The day after though, it only jumped up a little more to 1731, but that was the day I was posted #38. 

However, if you look at the following image, you’ll see a similar jump recently, but I don’t see me thrown back up on the list.  Don’t I deserve at least #50?


Maybe there are many more popular blogs that are growing recently or during the same time span?  However, doesn’t the jump up look almost identical in terms of teh growth?  There was a slight difference though going from an average of about 900 views or so for a good period of time and then on the 16th of Feb, I grew back up to just short of 1500, but went up to 1176 which out did the 1/26th list on botd.  The day after followed with 1612 because lately I’ve been indexed for 3 keywords on Google’s images section.

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