Janet Jackson’s going to have some competition soon possibly Han Sungjoo

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upclose-breast-shot-of-han-sungjooDo you remember the exposed breast incident in 2004 during the Super Bowl XXXVIII where Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson were singing together and WHAM, Jackson’s right breast was exposed to 140 million viewers?
Well, I couldn’t help think about the incident when I again get lured into the middle of one of Korea’s main search sites by a somewhat revealing photo of Han Sungjoo.  I honestly don’t know the gal that well.  The post was definitely something about how she was chosen as one of the best dressers and potentially got some accolades at a recent Korean broadcasting awards show, but it was clear this guy was pointing out how the Korean entertainment star seems to like to expose most of her breasts in the photos.  Rather, she wears very revealing dresses where they expose a majority of her breasts — well at least a majority of her left breast (maybe she wants to complement Jackson’s right breast?).  I wouldn’t be surprised if one day she decides to basically expose herself like Jackson. 

I mean, come on, but when you’re consistently showing off your breasts like this in dresses specifically cut the way hers are, you are seeking attention for one reason: your breasts are very well endowed or shaped and you know it!  I’m not arguing that it’s a bad thing.  I have to admit I’m somewhat of a breasts guy and it’s not something I will ignore.  Actually, on something I may blog about later some day, I’m sort of curious why some of us are programmed to like breasts?  I mean, they’re just two clumps of skin and fat that are above a woman’s stomach.  When a woman’s stomach or even a guy’s for that matter starts to bulge out like breasts, do we start getting attracted to their bulge below?  What if we parted the fat stomachs into two into very nicely shaped areas…would we be attracted to that?

I think there’s something deep inside of us (as men at least) programmed from the day we start breast feeding that we liked the look of our food.  I mean, good looking food makes us hungry, right?  So, maybe there’s something about it sticking in our brains and it just adjusting over time as we get older to transfer to our libido instead?

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