What Eight Academy Awards can do for your website traffic…

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slumdog-millionaire-wins-awardsSlumdog Millionaire just won 8 Academy awards on Sunday night.  So, the world was all of a sudden VERY CURIOUS about the movie that dominated the awards show.  As a result, my slum-blog thousand-air was pummeled on the same night.  At 1:05a on the night after the awards show, the daily views on my blog shot up to it’s highest point in a while:


Just before I went to sleep, the views breached 3000 views at exactly 3124 views.


After I got home to see the completion of the day, I eclipsed my previous single day record of around 3500 views due to I believe it was either Choi Jin Sil or Facebook spam.   So, officially I’ve hit 3655 views on the blog.


As you can see, Slumdog Millionaire is one of the main reasons.  You can see from the search terms that bumped up the traffic occupy many of the top sources of the traffic for the blog.


The significant traffic lately hasn’t just helped me break my daily views record, but it has also helped shoot me past my previous weekly record.  I was just shy of 11,400 views this past week ending with the Slumdog Millionaire winning all it’s Academy Awards.


And I’ll be crushing my monthly record even in this short month of 28 days.  With three and a half days left, I’ve broken the 30,000 views level already with the potential to potentially break the 35k level this month.   The previous record was 27,490 views.  As you can see, I’ll eclipse it by quite a bit.



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3 responses to “What Eight Academy Awards can do for your website traffic…

  1. I love how the top 5 all seem so random ㅋㅋㅋ. That’s a heck of a lot of web traffic (comparative at least). Do you know what gave you that big boost at the end of 2007?

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  3. from 20 to 32,000 that is a real eye opener!

    -Dusty Crawford
    www slumblogmillionaire.wordpress.com

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