My blog’s feeling like a slumdog, but milk does a blog good

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Raw Milk

Raw Milk

Just a week ago, I was blogging about how the Slumdog Millionaire was literally driving crazy traffic to my blog.  However, the traffic dropped heavily due to Google’s randomizing of their positioning of the Images used in their Google Images division/product.  For a good week+, I was number 2 for phrases like “slumdog millionaire”, but as soon as google decided to rip it out of my search traffic clutches, I shot down a thousand views down to close to what I was averaging before all the crazy traffic.

Despite the drop, I did still manage to break a weekly record due to some of residual effects of the traffic. 

12,520 views last week

12,520 views last week

…and despite Google Images ripping out of my clutches both random “slumdog millionaire” and “milk” traffic for a good week, they’ve decided to give me the “milk” traffic back.  So, in the meantime, I guess I will benefit from that for a while.

Perhaps I should start a Google Images SEO business?  I’m beginning to become an expert at this.  😉

On that note, I did do a quick search for an image to place in this post.  For some reason, I thought of “organic milk” came to mind.  When I used to work for Larry’s Markets in Bellevue, I remember we held a few brands of organic milk and Horizon Milk was one of them.  Doing a quick search for Horizon, I read that Horizon Milk was NOT organic according to some post.  I thought that was odd.  I guess we can all have our opinions and it might be true — I don’t know.  Nevertheless, I decided to google “best organic milk” and was lead to a post on Mother Earth News.  It described a survey conducted by a organization called the “Cornucopia Institute” which rated the best organic dairy products.  I thought it was interesting.  Anyway, I picked one of what it appears to be one of the larger dairies and an image off of it — so I’ll thank Organic Pastures in Fresno, California.  Glad to see there are some great dairies out there despite remembering that horrible smell on I-5 driving at like 100 mph hurrying to the south part of California!  🙂

OK, that was a bit long winded for a random thought…

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