Definitely not a sundae…

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I thought this was HILLARIOUS when I read it for the first time.  A friend on Facebook sent me some “Korean food” via the Facebook app.  I look at all the options for food:


Korean Food Options

If you look closely at the last option, it says “Sundae.”



OK, this is where I LOVE THE PHONETIC translations of Korean into English.  We know what a sundae is.  It looks like this:

ice cream sundae

ice cream sundae

What “Soondae” (instead of “Sundae”) looks like really is this:

Soondae - blood sausage

Soondae - blood sausage

I just chuckled to myself.  Honestly, they should of spelled it “Soondae” instead of “Sundae”, but then again, I can’t blame them 100%.  The #1 result for “Sundae” in Google is a article which helps drive popular opinion one direction and they spell it “Sundae.”

I guess all those people who want to drip chocolate syrup and add a cherry on top of this can go right ahead…

I love Korea in a lot of ways, but I’m sorry, this isn’t one of my favorites.


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2 responses to “Definitely not a sundae…

  1. woww.. by the way…
    what is soondae made from??? it looks like rice in it…

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