It took a little preserverance, I mean perseverance to find this word…











I was about to complement my mom recently in how perseverant she was with our family over the years.  It’s one of the reasons why our family is successful.  Without her perseverance, I definitely wouldn’t have many of the opportunities I have now along with my Dad’s hard work — have never seen someone work harder in my life.  These two are a testament at what two people who were never a match from the beginning and even up until now can do in an English speaking country without strong English skills.

More about how great these two are later, but I thought it was interesting how language is changing with the Internet.  Originally I type in “preserverance” into Google to find that Google doesn’t give me it’s normal:

did you mean preserverance

Did you mean preserverance?

message it normally gives you when you type in misspellings.  So, when many people who normally go to Google instead of for definitions or even spellings for the word may continue to believe it’s spelled preserverance.  To be frank, the search engine even thinks it’s spelled this way instead of what the dictionary tells us which is “perseverance.”  I even typed in “perseversance” which you can see there’s an ‘s’ towards the end where it shouldn’t be an a bunch of results come up.  Not only do 851 web pages on the Internet spell it “perseversance”, but 15,200 webpages tell us that the word is spelled with an ‘r’ before the ‘e.’  I’m sure I could type in a number of more permutations and possibly get more results instead of the “Did you mean [fill in word here] reply” back from  I just wonder if we’ll grow to simply have more spelling errors due to Google’s algorithm for search or we’ll just have many forms of English moving forward.

What do you think?

I decided to have some perseverance on the different permutations of the word available on google and got:

  • 1780 instances of “persevereance
  • 2970 web pages out there with “presevereance” as the correct spelling of the word (with the suggestion here fortunately)
  • 228,000 examples of “perseverence” as the correct spelling

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