Not being able to access Google…

Wow, but the other night was really (virtually) painful.  It also showed me how much I am reliant on Google as a search tool.  Basically, I think it was on the 13th when for some reason every time I did a search on Google, I got the following message returned to me: 


we're sorry virus check spyware remover message from google

we're sorry virus check spyware remover message from google

And an additional pop up message saying “TypeError x0 is undefined” as well attacks my browser like this: 


TypeError x0 is undefined

TypeError x0 is undefined

I couldn’t understand it.  I was using Google’s Chrome browser which is relatively new compared to other browsers on the market.  However, I found out it wasn’t specific to the browser.  I tried another browser (Mozilla) and it seemed to have the same problem and then another browser (Internet Explorer).  So, basically I was locked out of searching for anything on the Internet and had to go to the #2 search engine.  

I wonder if Yahoo enjoyed a bump up in traffic that day?  Perhaps it was a Friday the 13th joke?  Maybe it was just something specific to searches from Korea?  I’m not sure.  

Well, if you know, I’d be interested in hearing comments below about what happened.  I’m sure though if you come to this via a search, it’s probably because you were interested in as well as to why it happened.  Then again, maybe it will happen again and that’s why you’re here reading this post today.  Nevertheless, I may at some point try to find out, but definitely thought this was weird.  

I guess belated Happy Friday the 13th wishes to all of you!  🙂

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