Not any given Sunday…

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Today was definitely not what I had hoped would be a “relaxing Sunday.” Last night, I stayed out late partly due to my fault in wanting to go out and the other part to see if the crowd would change at the bar Tim, myself and a new friend of ours hung out until like 5a. I managed to get to sleep by 6a…

Typically, I’d sleep in, but since my coworker I am trying to help not work on Sunday was excused despite his irresponsible butt not waking up yesterday to pick up our new teacher, I tried to help our newest instructor find her motel since it was her first time to Busan. After waking up around 9a, I somehow found the energy to get her all taken care of and treated her to her first Korean breakfast of Dolsot Bibimbop. Afterwards, I escorted her to Homeplus to help her know where to shop & get things if needed.

This is where my day gets hairier. Honestly, I wasn’t the most energetic with 3 hours of sleep, but soon after departing from Homeplus, I try to get some cash because I’m wiped out of cash buying everyone food and all sorts of things recently, buuuuuuuuuuuut my bank decides to implement a NO Sunday withdrawal policy or takes a day off (yes, the ATM machines get a holiday!) and so I can’t get any cash. Unless I lug around tons of chain, I’m worried that I may not have money to pay whomever I hopefully get to help me kick start my motorcycle which is stuck ont he opposite part of town. Last night, when driving out to Haeundae before hanging out with Tim & Inae, my battery died (3rd time since I bought it; starting to question the purchase).

Fortunately, I have great neighbors (& friends) which should be a huge theme in today’s recounting of events (that friends are awesome and I am VERY fortunate to have some Freakin’ awesome coworkers who are also friends). So, I call up my pal Laura to see if she can lend me $50 since I can’t get any from my bank. She coincidentally is nearby and also heading off to the same location I need to pick up my motorcycle. After she lends me $50 (50,000 won), I join her and the other gals who are going to the HUGE and new Shinsagae department store in Centum/Haeundae. I was thinking of going to the Bath House at the new Dept Store since I hadn’t taken a shower by that point, but ended up just going straight to pick up my bike.

Somehow, I find a way to kick start the bike. Instead of stopping at the new Department Store & Bath House, I decide to go straight home. Worried that the battery will die, I keep the bike on for about 20 minutes while I clean off (since I’m feeling disgusting) and run out as soon as I can because I still need to take care of some things for our new teacher. After rushing through to get things done because supposedly I was suppose to meet up with the group who went to the mall for a movie, I drive home relatively quickly. However, I’m really careful with the new bike, but I find out today not careful enough.

The topper to the whole day beyond not sleeping at all, not having a bank that serves the function it should, some *%$&)^% taxi driver who’s in a hurry is literally less than a foot from killing me today. I start veering into the motel our new teacher’s staying at and right before I enter the parking lot, the driver who’s in WAY TOO MUCH OF A HURRY tries to pass me on the left & comes to a screeching halt just inches from my head after I brake and he literally causes me to crash my bike. It doesn’t help that some a-hole (sorry about my french) who got on my bike a week ago and dropped my bike already crushed the left side & broke the clutch already. This is the 2nd time in as many weeks the clutch is out and I don’t know how bad the damage is. Somehow, I escaped severe injury. I don’t know how given how bad the crash was. I have a scraped up knee and it definitely hurts. On top of the potential hernia I may have caused by holding the ton of a bike when it almost went down earlier, I’m wondering how bad this accident has brutalized my body.

Despite me crashing my bike and the driver almost killing me, he decides to bitch me out and tells me I’m in the wrong for him being in a hurry. He argues with me so he can avoid getting any more marks on his probably bad driving record and even goes as far as lying to the police when they finally get there. Fortunately, the people at the motel who come out to help me know who’s in the right/wrong and back me up. The police even support me and the chief officer I dealt with even does what he can to make sure that I’m not getting penalized in Korea’s system of blaming both parties for almost any accident.

I’m a bit blown away, but I also realize I may have problems in this situation because I’ve been so freaking busy with work and that I had no time to get the regisration for the bike even though it’s only been a week. I also have had enough time to get an International Driver’s license nor do I know where the office is. So, I’m feeling guilty even though I shouldn’t given the situation. Regardless of my lack of registration and license, the taxi driver is at fault. Even the insurance guy who shows up literally like 10 minutes after the police get there (amazing how fast Koreans are even on a Sunday) knows his own client is at fault. However, due to my lack of these two documents, I’m basically screwed. The police officer even says I could be fined up to 1.5 to 1.6 million won and I should literally just walk away from the deal despite the massive amount of damage to my bike.

Despite the driver being such an ass at the beginning, I decided to just suck it in and let it go. I even just asked the guy to apologize which he did after he realized I wasn’t trying to sue the guy. I guess his immediate reaction was to defend against a lawsuit that he would be 100% responsible for. All I wanted him to do is say he did it and just pay for the damage. After he realized it, he not only was as sorry as all get out, he also gave me a ride to where I needed to go. I don’t think a guy who thought he was right and I was wrong would extend such gestures. Oh well…I guess I’d rather be the better guy despite the physical loss(es) to both my body & my bike.

On top of all this, I realized this great guy who I met at a bike shop by the name of “Harry” is sincerely one of the best guys I’ve met thus far living here. He’s an AWESOME and GENUINELY good man who just came from his family to help me out. All the police, the guys who supported me all were just quality people. So, that’s another thing that honestly got me through the day despite the misfortune of the accident.

Continuing with the same theme of “good people”, the day ended with some great conversation with my coworkers and friends at our friends Laura’s (and Stephanie’s) place. We also saw Wolverine, which wasn’t bad. I enjoyed it. Also, having some great people to go with made it even more enjoyable.

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