More motorcycle issues (possibly resolved?)

This is honestly just for my own record keeping, but after visiting a local bike shop near Pusan National University, the shop owner told me that the regulator was the problem. He even said he’ll bet on it and will give it to me for free for now & if it helps start the engine consistently for more than the 2 weeks maximum the starter seemed to work without a battery recharge that I go and pay only and only if it works beyond 2 weeks. So far, so good…but it’s only been 2 or so days.

A few days later, I ended up participating in Toastmasters for the first time. I was wondering if there was a chapter here in Busan and my friend in Seoul who’s getting his Ph.D. in Biotechnology tells me he’s participating in one in Seoul. He provided the details for the group down here in Busan ( After I emailed, the President of the group immediately wrote back and told me there was a meeting that night. I participated as a guest and found the experience to be enjoyable and something I hope I can participate in more moving forward. However, it conflicts with the schedule of my new job at the Radio station.

I also meet this really cool guy named George who has the generosity to follow up with a call the day after to suggest that possibly there is a cable that needs to be insulated and that if there’s any water that’s entered the area near it, it could create “havoc” to the starter system. He also suggested getting it checked out by a very strong mechanic who’s also a metal craftsman near Seomyun. The website for the guy is:

Did I mention I’m working as a Radio Host for the first English only local radio station in Korea. At least this is what they advertise. I’m wondering if there is a station similar to this up in Seoul. I’m thinking Ariyang probably has something, but this station called eFM may have something that’s uniquely English only like. Regardless, it seems like a good operation and an opportunity for me to show my capabilities as a professional speaker over the radio (one of the reasons why I participated in the Toastmasters group this past Wednesday). If you’re interested, just tune into 90.5 FM here in the Busan city area from 6p to 8p. We’ll be doing News, Segments for the Foreign population and other mini-programs to help the Korean local citizens better their exposure to English.

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