“Live from Busan, South Korea, it’s…”

efm logoSome of you already know, but I’ve accepted a job as the Evening Host of Busan’s English Radio station eFM.   The station is at 90.5 on the FM dial and the website is http://befm.co.kr (where you can also listen off the Internet).

I’ll be starting on Monday, July 6th (2009). It’s definitely not something I had planned on doing for this juncture in life, but it’s a welcome change to the relatively stressful life that I was living the past 3 years with Chungdahm Learning (in the Busan region). I may blog about my time at Injoong Education (the parent company of the Busan+ branches of Chungdahm Learning & April English), but that will take a bit of time to write…

I’m looking incredibly forward to this experience and thus far, I’ve learned:

  • I have some REALLY cool coworkers like my sweet & awesome Producer Hana Jo and stylish and kewl writer Ji-wook.  Other cool foreign coworkers like Matthew, Petra and Dennis also prove I’m simply lucky in finding quality coworkers.  Sohee & Haejin along with our cool Team Leader Mikyung also make the days extra special and of course our Executive Director Mr. Koo (General Manager) as well who seems very cool for Korean management.
  • News is definitely not something I read or report like I do when talking in my daily life.  I have to kind of act like I have a stick up my butt and literally keep the tone serious, yet eloquent.
  • There are many, many players and team members in producing everything in broadcasting from editors to engineers to salespeople and even the security guard.  It takes quite a bit to make the easy sounding voices or figures you see on TV come alive and literally deliver some of hopefully the best stuff you listen to or watch.

Watch out KBS Radio!  Here comes the NEXT RADIO STAR Brandon Na!!!  Ha, ha…

Unfortunately, this life isn’t the most financially rewarding however.  So, if anyone who reads this knows of people who want to do private English lessons, I’m padding my schedule beyond the 4+ hours I will be dedicating to my 2 show to extra work.  I’m willing to work 7 days a week!  😉

I also plan on doing the writing I’ve been wishing to do for quite some time along with fulfill the “big plan” of building hopefully one of the most meaningful companies to exist later this year or sometime next.


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4 responses to ““Live from Busan, South Korea, it’s…”

  1. hi there, im thinking about moving to Busan next January and I was just wondering if it would be possible to have a chat with you about life over there.



  2. hi mike,

    what sort of things do you need answered? feel free to ask…


  3. do u know how to add korean radio on my blog??

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