King of Pop dead? Charlie’s Angel’s Queen of the blond hair do dead too?

Micheal Jackson Dies?

Micheal Jackson Dies?

UPDATE: Looks like multiple sources are now saying the King of Pop is dead.  CNN reports “Pop icon Michael Jackson has died in Los Angeles, according to multiple reports” and the New York Times says “Michael Jackson, 50, Is Dead.”

Thanks to my best friend’s sister Shirley, I just saw her status saying that reported Micheal Jackson died.  I looked on and it says he’s suffered from a cardiac arrest, but hasn’t confirmed he has passed.  CNN reports the same and so doese the  Micheal Jackson (actually spelled “Michael” Jackson, but mispelled here just fyi) passing would really rock the music industry despite his lack of success in recent years.   I think he was trying to do a tour or something to make up for all his losses and lack of funds, but of course, he’s not the same as he was at his height.

CNN though has confirmed or reported that Farah Fawcett (rather Farrah Fawcett) of Charlie’s Angels fame has died.  She was 12 years older than Jackson.  She died of anal cancer. She was also known for literally having the blond hair do that every woman wanted at the time (which I believe was in the 1970’s).  She was THE sex symbol at the time.  She probably helped continue if not start a new wave of people LOVING blonds in the United States.

Farah Fawcett Passes

Farah Fawcett Passes

Two HUGE icons passing really makes this an interesting & sad day for the entertainment industry.  Not sure what to think of these two passing…(if it’s true that Michael Jackson died…)

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