Another dose of sexy korean girls dressing up quite UN-modestly

OK, I’m definitely not one for “jumping on the bandwagon.”

I posted back in July of 2008 about Girl’s Generation (aka So Nyeo Shi Dae or in Hangul, 소녀시대).  It was nothing special, but for some reason the song was a bit catchy to my ears at the time, but…WOWser…what’s up with these outfits?  Makes me think “All starbowlines ahoy!!!”

All starbowlines ahoy!

All starbowlines ahoy!

I hate sexism more than most women, but like I’ve said numerous times (since 2007 & probably in my head since my college days), Korean women (or should I say ‘Korean girls’ here) are the sexiest dressers and continue to be so. You can’t ignore the obvious…

Like James Turnbull and The Grand Narrative, the original focus of his blog wasn’t to write about “Korean Feminism and women’s issues.”  I, being a little blunt and more to the point, won’t mask the point that Korean women are for one – hot.  Two – sexy.  And whenever I see them dressed up by their managers for PR shoots or selling new records, I can’t deny that they make me feel a little younger again – or is that the Oriental medicine talking?

Yes, Turnbull writes it a bit more academically, but the reason why he has 743,722 hits since 18 June, 2007 and I have a little less than half of the count since February of 2007 is because we post a bit about Korean women.  Mine was probably even less unintentional, but periodically I now post them up intentionally like the following because the readers (or should I say “viewers?”) seem to like these (don’t worry, I’m not going to be turning this into a Korean porn blog; btw, Korean porn barely exists b/c it’s so illegal here for some reason despite it’s neighboor’s to its East having no problems with that industry).

New Girls Generation DVD Cover

New Girls Generation DVD Cover

In this previous post, “One of Korea’s Most Popular Girl Bands : Girls’ Generation aka “Sonyuhshidae”, you can read a bit more about who this Korean “girl(s) band” is.   These days, the heat has been turned up (in terms of competition) for the “Girls Band” space in Korea, it appears.  Not only does Sonyuhshidae (aka Girls’ Generation) light up the charts, but so the following shows a band that’s been around for a bit (Brown Eyed Girls – I like the quality of their music a bit more), a couple of new groups 2NE1 & 4Minute and we can’t forget the girl band that’s probably responsible for the latest craze of girl bands: WONDERGIRLS!!!

Girls Generation vs 2NE1 vs 4Minute vs Brown Eyed Girls vs Kara

Girls Generation vs 2NE1 vs 4Minute vs Brown Eyed Girls vs Kara

Here’s the image that spared the motivation to post about these ladies (again, should I say “girls?”).  I don’t remember any set of Korean girl bands looking ALL so attractive (and I’m looking at just their faces funny enough).  They definitely make us rethink the word “sailor” and who knows how many “sailors” will be boating over to Korea due to this recent photoshoot.  ^^


And here’s one of the “girls” of Girls Generation “Taeyeon.”  She’s not only cute, but she has a name VERY similar to my oldest son.

Taeyeon of Girls' Generation Fame

Taeyeon of Girls' Generation Fame


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2 responses to “Another dose of sexy korean girls dressing up quite UN-modestly


    i think their outfits are fine ppl think too deep they look really good in them.

  2. its so beautiful.

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