Recent motorcycle thoughts…

Hyosung Comet 650R - GT650RI’m really tempted in buying this Hyosung Comet 650R – GT650R to the left right now even though I love my bike.   The starter which periodically has small issues and the gas efficiency isn’t as strong as I had hoped (even though it’s MUCH cheaper than taking cabs all ove rhte place) are making me think I want a newer bike.  This Hyosung is a 2006 and the guy says that it gets similar mileage to what I get on my Suzuki.  So, the reason why I’m debating it of course is that the fuel efficiency isn’t better and the price is definitely almost twice what I paid for my Suzuki.  However, this has a bit more kick with 650CC and is newer possibly meaning less mechanical issues in the short term.  

I dumped another 50,000 won on a 3rd battery here in mid August, but it’s my fault that I didn’t realize what the original shop guy (who I thought I could trust since he’s my coworkers’ friend) and the 2nd guy did by putting crappy batteries in it.  This shop near me says it’s definitely the battery and that all should be well.  I know down deep, this battery will probably fail, but $45 isn’t much and he’s near my radio studio and so if things to go south, he’s there to recharge it regularly.  Actually, I was just looking for a shop that can recharge it regularly and now that I’ve bought something from him, he’ll be guilted into recharging it constantly since that’s what he’ll probably have to do.

Honestly, it’s not that bad.  Even when the battery dies out, the running start is pretty easy.  It just takes a few more seconds than I wish in the morning or before I leave.  The bike rides sooooooooooo smooth and is definitely fast enough for me.  I was contemplating even buying the following since it’s about 2.5X’s faster possibly with 1000CC in contrast to my 400CC bike:

suzuki SX-R1000This Suzuki SX-R1000 also doesn’t look too bad.   My coworker though said that when he got his 900CC bike, it was a little scary though.  So, given the roads in Korea are less safe, I probably should wait for an opportunity to get something higher than 750CC bike when I get to more open roads in the states or when I have more life insurance!

I wouldn’t mind testing this bad boy though…maybe I should give the guy a call?  Well, if I don’t, maybe you do?  He’s at: 010-2064-5969 🙂

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