Brady’s Laws for Understanding of the Young

kidsHomeThis should be mandatory reading for CDI and other English teachers in South Korea.  I found it to be entertaining.  I got this from a book of essays of high schoolers who obtained admissions in the best Universities in the U.S.:

I.  Kids always say it’s theirs when it isn’t (i.e., cookies), and claim it’s not theirs when it is (i.e., a mess).

II. The ability of kids to do as they’re told is inversely proportionate to the number of kids in the group.

III. The worse you feel, the friskier they act.

IV.  The brattiness of kids is directly proportionate to the number of weeks he joins the group. (notice it’s “he” and not “she” – something I’m adding because usually it’s not intentional, but here I think the writer is saying “he” purposely – ha, ha…)

V.  The smaller they are, the louder they shriek.  Corollary: The louder they shriek, the harder they fall.

Finally, the short but true realization:

VI.   The cuter they are, the harder they hit.

Love it!

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