This summer’s sleeper (in Korea)



The summer’s been littered with box office hits here in South Korea like Haeundae and Transformers (from the states).  GI Joe starring Lee Byung-hun as well is up there in the charts with Harry Potter making it’s usual splash on the cinema front.  However, a movie that’s been creeping up a bit and I’m thinking is going to be this summer’s sleeper, if not 2009’s is “Gukga daepyo” (국가대표) or in English, it’s been translated as ” State Representative” (literal translation), “Take Off”, which describes a bit about what the guy does in the movie or “National Team” being what he’s doing it all for.

국가대표 is based on a real story and one of ski jumpers in the movie named 강칠구 is a real national team ski jumper.  Interestingly enough, Mr. 강 received the bronze medal from K-95, one of the international ski jump games held in German on the 15th of August (this past Saturday).

**What’s a sleeper?  Answer’s up next… I wanted to explain this to my students and friends here in Korea.  So, I’ll do my best here for them and also for those who may look up what is is.  Basically, just like someone just “woke up”, it could be a movie or an athlete who just “woke up” and wasn’t rated before or recommended.  It’s usually someone or something that surprises everyone.  It doesn’t have a big budget or doesn’t come from a very “privileged” or hugely “supported” situation like someone who has millions of dollars backing them.  Haeundae or Transformers can’t be a “sleeper” because they had marketing blitzes and lots of money backing them.  A while back ago, there was a movie called “The Blair Witch Project” which had a very small budget.  However, it became a sleeper back then despite the lack of financial support and marketing.  Make sense?

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