OK, I think I’m in love…

Cute Kim Eun Jung

Cute Kim Eun Jung

Just kidding, but when people ask me who I think is attractive in Korea (when they’re referring to celebrities), I think of Lee Hyori or (Jung) Ryeo-won or maybe even Shin Mina. I know there’s a lot of gals in all the girl bands that may be attractive, but honestly, I don’t have much time to think about it.

However, someone asked recently to identify the pictures in some of the popular pics on my blog which I didn’t label. In particular, this post had a picture in it that didn’t have it labeled.  Well, I found out the two gals in the picture turned out to be two gals from the old  Korean pop girl band Jewelry which I think one of the two girls left (Suh In-young).  The other one in the photo which I just learned is named Kim Eun Jung I’m thinking is quite attractive.

When looking her up, I found this Youtube video of her singing.

All I have to say in one word is “wow.” Her singing and her physical beauty is a bit much for me. OK, I don’t like to write much about these things, but maybe I’m really tired right now or maybe I just haven’t been dating or seeing anyone in a while, but she’s pretty high up on my current list of Korean celebrities.

Here’s a few more pictures:


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2 responses to “OK, I think I’m in love…

  1. stacykimm

    haha cute!!

  2. shaukat Ali

    i want to come korea & get marriage settle to myself in korea .i from Pakistan (Lahore) here i doing driving job with samsng director Mr.stev Han.

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