Breaking Korean News: A young Korean actress (Jang Jin Young/장진영) passes away at 35 years old

jang jinyoung
Another one of the young and beautiful passes away at a very young age. More pics of this South Korean actress and former model follow.
jang jin young
She began her career as a model, and participated in the 1993 Miss Korea beauty contest, before making the switch into acting.
jang jin-young
Since making her film debut in 1998, Jang Jin-young has received critical praise and won a number of awards for her work.
jang jin young dies
She became only the second winner of two Blue Dragon Film Awards for Best Actress, having won in 2001 for Sorum, and again in 2003 for Singles.
jang jin-young
As of 2008, Jang was one of the highest paid stars in the Korean film industry, earning in the region of ₩400 million per film.

jang jin-young

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One response to “Breaking Korean News: A young Korean actress (Jang Jin Young/장진영) passes away at 35 years old

  1. The Quiet American (The irony's not lost on me)

    Poor girl. RIP.

    Korean parents: Keep your daughters out of show biz!! Unless you want her forced to have sex with agents, business men, and do whatever else her bosses tell her to do.

    There is a pervasive sickness in the Korean Entertainment industry and an inherent defect, when dealing with women, in the minds of the men who run it.
    A titanic culture shift is needed in order to stop more of these poor women from dying far to early. Who will be the first woman to sacrifice, to step forward and tell all? Tell the people what they. You are not alone!

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