A day in the life of…

Korea october 2009 347…Brandon.

a.k.a. Byung-hyu Na.

These days, I’ve been focusing on writing a book I’ve been wishing to complete for some time now.  Actually, it replaces what I thought would be my first book titled “Hit or Stand.”  I’m going to try and get this book done primarily for you great friends out there asking “So, why did you go to Korea?” and my boys who I hope some day will understand what their father was thinking all these years.

For now, I’m focusing on ER: The Urgency behind Korea’s Real Education Emergency or something like that.  I have a few opinions on the future of South Korea and thought my 10 chapter book on it may help the future generations of Korea stay competitive despite Korea’s success thus far.

Back to the “day in the life of…” me…

These days, I focus a bit of time on Inside Out Busan at eFM 90.5.  I should actually be writing for my radio show, in my opinion, but decided to take a couple hours for a break today since I feel like I’m non-stop with the radio show, my classes at the University and my privates which are nowadays on Wednesday, Saturday and a couple hours on Sunday.  I’ve also been asked to do a couple more, but not sure if I want to spend more hours on Sunday and literally fail to have even a single weekend day off.  The sad irony is that I’m still making less than I was before I decided to go solo and that I’m working every day of the week.

I do have Tuesdays through Thursday’s during the days off, but have to go into the station to do the show in the evenings so they’re just 1/2 days off with my only other day off being a 75% day off on Sunday.  So, I guess I sort of have 2.25 days off split over 4 days.  I use one of the half days though to catch up on sleep from the lack of it on my Mondays that are spent early in Korea Maritime University.

Oh before talking about my weekly schedule, I am very grateful in seeing my folks who visited recently.  Also, on the near term horizon, I have Edwark Park, a Principal of a Chinese language school in or near San Diego, coming to visit.  Looking forward to seeing Ed.  What else?   I think I need to find a cheap car for the winter as well.  Any ideas anyone?  

Mondays: Korea Maritime University early in the morning (between 7 & 9a), a brief respite in the afternoon, but soon thereafter shooting over to the studio until 9’ish daily.

Tuesdays: I catch up with sleep in the mornings with the studio waiting for me in the early evenings and evenings.

Wednesdays: I finally have time for ER and other business development, but it feels like I haven’t had until now to really get to ER more.

Thursdays: repeat of Wednesday with the additional fact that I can do chores or other tasks.  I also find that I need to do a bit of cleaning & help with the recycling even though I feel like I’ve been not as good about that lately and do a bit of shopping as well.  Hello Costco!  I’ve been doing a bit of cooking too which can be a bit time consuming.

Fridays: a repeat of Monday

Saturdays: privates from early morning through 8p these days.

Sundays: 2 hour private from 3p to 5p.

There’s a little more detail here and there, but that’s the general “A day in the life of”…me!


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2 responses to “A day in the life of…

  1. Sounds like a busy life – and quite unlike your average NET (Native English Teacher) here in Korea. How far along is your book?

    BTW, I’d love to be added to your blogroll – http://chrisinsouthkorea.blogspot.com is the place to go. Travel and life in Korea are the standard topics, although what’s happening around Korea gets some attention as well. (Blogs – Korea)

  2. Thanks for asking Chris. Your blog’s link is now up on the right called “Friendly Chris.”

    I have the whole outline of the book written and the first version of the preface scripted out. I’m plugging away more regularly these days on the book. I’ve been preaching elements of the book in seminars for the past 3 years and so most of the ideas are in my head, but just need to be put on paper or should I saw digitized here on my computer.

    Hopefully, I’ll get to check out your blog here one of these days. I took a quick glance and it looks good. I mean, it doesn’t look like some negative rant by a disgruntled foreigner. Ha, ha…

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