Korea’s First (Super & Real) Sports Car – The Spirra

Looks like Korea’s automobile industry is coming of age…

**Comments from Youtube: CNN just did a ride along with the man behind the Korea’s first supercar Spirra. First of all, just to refresh, the Spirra is powered by a modified Hyundai V8 engine to the tune of 500 hp and can hit 60 mph in 3.7 seconds totally on par with other supercars from Germany and Italy. CNN interprets this as proof that the Korean automarket has come of age, causing one analyst to comment that the Spirra is a way of saying, “Hey we can make a $100,000 supercar, too.” Dutch car dealer reportedly just ordered 145 Korean supercars. More details are on the websites: www.bobaedream.co.kr or www.protomotors.com and a full article about the car and company are on wikipedia’s article on Proto Motors

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