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Protected: Year in Review: “Brandon” Byung-hyu Na

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An update on life these days in Busan…

Sorry for the lack of activity lately. Been quite busy with the radio station gig, classes at Korea Maritime University and my private English lessons. The University also asked me to do an extra high school class this month making it even more busy recently.

Well, here’s something a little fun. If you’re interested in some new songs and possibly wanting to know what I listen to a bit these days, check out the Play List on my radio show here. The last song is usually called “Brandon’s Choice” and I usually try to play a song that I like or is upbeat. Sometimes it’s to make a point, but I aim for the entertaining. I do lean toward Hip Hop to be frank or K-pop like beats with the emphasis on songs that are relatively popular, just fyi. I like country and a few other genres once in a while.


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