An update on life these days in Busan…

Sorry for the lack of activity lately. Been quite busy with the radio station gig, classes at Korea Maritime University and my private English lessons. The University also asked me to do an extra high school class this month making it even more busy recently.

Well, here’s something a little fun. If you’re interested in some new songs and possibly wanting to know what I listen to a bit these days, check out the Play List on my radio show here. The last song is usually called “Brandon’s Choice” and I usually try to play a song that I like or is upbeat. Sometimes it’s to make a point, but I aim for the entertaining. I do lean toward Hip Hop to be frank or K-pop like beats with the emphasis on songs that are relatively popular, just fyi. I like country and a few other genres once in a while.


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7 responses to “An update on life these days in Busan…

  1. sofie


    Hope u remember me, I’m the one who played the tape and ditched a while back… So sorry for being a d-bag! Not that this makes up for it, but just wanna say that my erradic behavior had less to do with you and the job that I was doing at the time, and a whole lotta more with myself. You did a great job on your part, really, while I had a little ‘sidestory’ going on and thought I’d better act on it rather sooner than later. Anyhoo, I look you up on the net and see that you too have branched out, good for you! So, suppose it all doesn’t matter at this point, just trying to make some kind of amends before year’s end. In the true spirit of good karma as usual;)

    Happy Holladaze to ya!

  2. Hi Sofie,

    While it wasn’t the easiest thing on me at the time, we got it figured out and life goes on. I’m sorry you had issues, but just a tip for your own future, I’d at least give a little more heads up before you do something like this in the future. At least if anyone calls for a reference, I can be a little “nicer” on you. Ha, ha…

    You could of mentioned if you were frustrated. I asked you multiple times because I was worried for you.

    Nonetheless, best of luck to you with whatever you’re doing.


  3. sofie

    Hello Brandon,

    Glad to see that you did get my email, and also a bit sad to ‘read between the lines’ b/c it seems like you’re still holding some kind of ‘grudge’ on the matter (?). But, as you’ve mentioned already: life goes on. Even though I’ll probably come off as a total douche (again), I stand by my actions 100% b/c I still don’t know any ‘better’ way to do it, given the exact same scenario that I were in at the time. Not trying to make any lame excuses, that’s not why I contacted you in the first place – but I was really between a rock and a hard place. And, again, I do emphasize that YOU did nothing wrong and I know you were trying to help me. Appreciated!

    So, moving on, shall we? I am pretty sure you got me down ok, but confused when reading that you coulda been “nicer” to me when asked for references….??? That one really got me stumped as I never applied for any positions since then (not that it matters, but that’s part of the situation I’m dealing with, and not by choice). Or, are you just being sarcastic/juvenile since you’ve added a ‘ha ha’ to finish off the sentence..? That part I don’t get, at all.

  4. No grudge at all…but you don’t seem to be taking responsibility for what you did: leave without fair notice & caused a bit of a mess because of it. I simply said that you could of given more notice. I don’t see how telling you that you committed an irreponsible act is “juvenile” as you put it on my end. I simply am calling it as I see it & as many would of judged it as well.

    I understand departures and abrupt ones as well, but yours was on the same day that we needed you & caused problems. You could of simply said, I have to go & I’m sorry, but I won’t be here tomorrow or even earlier. The earlier, the better. There’s a reason why 30 days is asked, but you felt some need to hide why you left abruptly or failed to give us enough notice.

    I said if someone was looking to judge you by calling us for a reference, an earlier bit of notice probably would get you more sympathy. Then again, I don’t work for the company anymore and so I don’t think anyone would call me for a reference on you anyway.

    You seem to be a bit more guilt ridden than needed. I’ve simply said you did something relatively irresponsible & that for the future, you should reconsider giving more notice to employers of yours. I said I wish you the best & honestly, I didn’t say it earlier, but your book you gave me (Paulo Coelho’s) was a great find. I have no hard feelings. However, your latest comment seems as unneeded as your previous lack of notice.

  5. sofie

    Thanks for your sincere reply.

    And, yes, I do stand corrected in terms of digging out the shitty way! Of course I’m guilt ridden. I try to live conscientiously on a daily basis believe it or not, and I knew I left you in a crunch. Worst thing was that I had the feeling you took it personally which was so not the case. Hence my email. Not looking for sympathy/empathy at all, which is why I’m intentionally withholding the reason going mia. If I’d known myself ahead of time, I’d have let you know ahead of time. Not intending to turn this into a big mystery either at this point, so I’ll just say I did wrong and I know it.

    In terms of my ‘juvenile’ comment; referring ONLY to the ‘ha ha’ at the end of your sentence. I just didn’t get if you were trying to be sarcastic or funny or get back at me or what? It’ll be totally called for if you ever wanted to give me bad references one way or the other, but I still don’t understand the ‘ha ha’…??

    Good to clear the air, hopefully no animosity on either part, at least I hope so b/c I think you’re a nice person.

  6. “Ha, ha” was an attempt to make this exchange a little lighter. That’s all…

    Anyhoo, it’s probably a bit more effort to go back and forth about what happened. Life goes on. Back when I was a bit younger, I quit pretty abruptly and didn’t go back to work, but I did give a bit more ability for my previous supervisor to reach me and also force me to come in, if needed. I wasn’t exactly happy with my actions, but for that, I accept responsibility. Fortunately, I grew up and never did something like that again.

    I thought you were a bit older and couldn’t do something I cursed many for doing before. However, when you did it, I simply bucketed you like many others who did that. Anyway, you seemed like a very sincere & conscientious person and so that’s why I never expected you to do that. Nevertheless, I still wish you the best of luck. Better wishes for you in 2010!

  7. sofie

    Thanks;) I am a bit older, normally not a quitter for nothin’, should know better, however, due to circumstance… But, you’re right; stop dwelling already. So, I want to wish you the best of 2010 also. Do you know that this entire enchillada is posted straight on your webpage?

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