A writing example for Andy

Alrighty, this is for Andy who is my student living here in Dongrae.

So, Andy if you ever want an example of what I’d like you to write, feel fre to come here to this blog and see this.    Basically, just write whatever you’re feeling.  A few examples could be like the following:

Example A:

Right now, I’m typing away at this computer or rather on this keyboard and I don’t have a lot of original ideas.  However, I am just typing because Brandon told me to do this.  This desk that I’m typing on is very white.  In the next room, my mother and father are resting from a full day of work and other things.  Today, I went to E2E and it was o.k. However…oops, I shouldn’t use “however” twice in a paragraph.  Alright, is that enough today?

Example B: 

Today, it was quite cold.  Brandon mentioned that actually it was so cold that he couldn’t ride his motorcycle to my house.  So, he’s taking the subway which is something he isn’t used to these days.  However (and it’s o.k. to use this once since this is the first time I used it), he bought a new iPod Touch to keep him from being bored.  Unfortunately, his old ipod fell in the toilet and so it doesn’t work anymore.  As a result, he had to buy a new device and tonight, he explained why he bought it in addition to being something that keeps him entertained in terms of music.

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