Technology day – iPad & technology that writes for you?

Well, I was contemplating buying a $400 laptop (roughly $370, I guess if you do the direct exchange from Korean won to US Dollar) at Costco, but Apple just released their iPad today which kind of lets me do what I want with that cheaper laptop.

The problems I have though are that it may not be available here in Korea and also with the exchange rate and if the pricing is similar to the iPod Touch or the iPhone, I should expect to pay a bit more than than the original price tag for the iPad.  Plus, Apple usually has a few glitches with their new products.  I’m wondering now if I should buy the iPad versus the laptop (a Dell, by the way).

Also, I saw this product advertised while watching the videos of the iPad release called White Smoke.  The product advertises that it helps you write even if you’re not a native speaker of English.  So, will technology replace English instructors here in Korea eventually?  My old company CDI (aka Chungdahm) struck a deal with the biggest cellular phone company (SK) to teach ESL on handphones.

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  1. Moreover, Korean got a lot of good tablet and ebook reader.
    I read some news about iRiver eBook reader. I feel that is more interesting than iPad.

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