Busan News for Friday, March 5th, 2010

Accident Rate in Busan is the Highest among 7 Largest Korean Cities

Reports show that Busan has the highest rate of death by accidents of the 7 largest cities in the country and the economic loss from those deaths amounts to more than 1 trillion 11 billion won.

The results were revealed through a diagnosis of the safety of local communities and were presented by a team led by professor 배정이. The analysis, which is based on 2008, showed that accidents killed nearly 60 out of every 1 thousand people in Busan, compared to 45.5 in Seoul, 49.7 in Ulsan, 57.1 in Daegu, and 57.3 in Incheon.

The rate in 2000 was only 49.5 people in Busan so the number of accidents seems to be increasing every year. Suicide caused the most economic loss, at 483 billion won, followed by traffic accidents at nearly 234 billion won, and falls which cost the city almost 70 billion won.

Cherry Blossoms Peak Time in the South part of Korea

Cherry blossoms at famous sites such as 진해 and 하동군 쌍계사 will be at their peak on April 1st.

According to the 마산 Regional Meteorological Office, the blooming period in 진해, 통영, and 하동 will start on the 26th of this month, 6 days earlier than usual, but 3 days later than last year.

For blooming to occur there must be more 3 than clusters of cherry blossoms on one tree. It takes one week for a tree to be in full bloom.

The 48th 군항제, the nation’s most famous cherry blossom festival, will be held from April 1st to the 11th.

Joseon Tongsinsa Festival to start in Busan

The Joseon Tongsinsa Cultural Exchange Association has unveiled its poster for the 2010 Joseon Tongsinsa, or diplomatic envoy, festival which will run for 3 days starting April 30th.

On the poster, the musicians have been turned into modern-looking fun characters to inspire the festive mood, and are accompanied by bright patches of red and hanji, traditional Korean paper handmade from mulberry trees.

The festival will kick off with a presentation for the scholarship symposium at Busan City Hall, which will be followed by 해신제, or a ritual for the gods of sea and night, along with the Joseon Tongsinsa and other street performances.

The reenactment of the Joseon Tongsinsa, the highlight of the festival, will be held at 용두산 park and 광복로 at 3 pm on May 3rd.

Busan Transportation celebrates 25th Anniversary with Green Walkathon

The Busan Transportation Corporation, or BTC, will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a “Green walkathon with Humetro” along the 낙동 river tomorrow.(6)

The course will start at the overpass square in front of 구포 station at 10 am and cover a distance of 10.9 kilometers from 삼락 riverside park to 사상 station.

When the participants arrive at 삼락 riverside park, they can enjoy lunch and a variety of celebratory events including,
Gilnori, a lion masked dance, and 풍물놀이, a traditional Korean percussion performance.

The BTC will hold a raffle to give away free transportation cards and all those who finish the walk will be given a free one-way ticket good for 2 sections.

KNN Marathon in Busan

KNN will hold its “8th Sungwoo Hitech and KNN Environment Marathon” at BEXCO on the 28th, starting at 9 am. 8 thousand runners are expected to take part in the race, which will be divided into a 21 kilometer half-marathon, a 10 kilometer road race, and a run for health.

The course will lead past Dongbaeck island, Suyeong yacht club, Kijang, the beachside roads in Namcheon-dong and Kwangan, and back to BEXCO.

A wooden medal will be awarded to everyone who finishes the race and a variety of cultural performances will held along with other services including free medical check-ups and foot massages.

Busan Civic Groups Protest Large Automakers

Local civic groups have started to denounce foreign car companies for choosing not to participate in the Busan International Motor Show, which will be held on the 29th of next month.

The Busan Civic Group Council, which consists of 43 civic groups in Busan, issued a statement, that failing to participate in the motor show was the same as ignoring local citizens.

The civic council warned that if the foreign car companies, whose sales figures have increased 20 to 30% every year in Busan and Gyeongnam, decided not to join the motor show, they would launch an intensive boycott campaign.

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