Busan News for Monday, March 8th, 2010

Middle School Student Murder in Busan

Now that the body of the missing middle school girl,  Lee, has been found in Busan, police are concentrating their full efforts on arresting the murder suspect.

 Lee’s body was found around 9:30 pm on the 6th in a water tank on the roof of a one-story house only 50 meters from her house.

 She was stripped naked and her clothes and shoes were placed in a plastic bag and hidden under lime powder and construction tiles in the tank.

 The body of  Lee was moved to the Yangsan branch hospital of Busan National University to identify the time and cause of death. Police moved the entire tank to the hospital for the autopsy so as not to damage any evidence, including fingerprints, or lose any of the articles in the process.

East Busan Tour Complex Construction

Construction on the East Busan Tour Complex broke ground on the 5th, following a contract agreement between the Busan Metropolitan Corporation, or BMC, and the 현대엠코 co. Ltd. consortium.

Nearly 51 billion won has been alloted for the project which will take 36 months to complete. The first phase of the construction will take place on a 2.52 square meter site in 기장군 and should equip the complex with its basic infrastructure.

The BMC is planning to cut down its construction time by jointly carrying out other related construction projects.

First Oriental Medicine Hospital connected to a National University in Busan

The first oriental medical hospital connected to a national university, Pusan National University Hospital, or PNUH, for oriental medicine, will be open for patients on the 12th of this month.

The 8 story hospital located in 범어리 물금읍, 양산 is the largest of its kind in the country with 200 beds.

The PNUH for oriental medicine will run 18 professional clinics and 8 departments out of the hospital including internal medicine, acupuncture, and gynecology.

The PNU campus in 양산 launched the 양산 PNUH in November 2008 and added other wings for pediatrics, dentistry, and oriental medicine to turn its self into a medical complex town.

Busan Middle School Students enter Special High Schools outside city

Reports show that a considerable portion of the highest ranked middle school graduates in Busan are going to high schools in other regions.

 According to the Busan education office, 82 out of the 180 new students at the Hyundai Cheongun high school in Ulsan came from Busan.

 The Hyundai Cheongun high school is one of a growing number of autonomous high schools that can recruit students from anywhere in the country.

 The 82 students represent around a 20% increase from the 69 students from Busan who entered the school last year.

 The same thing happened at Sangsan high school, another autonomous high school, where the number of students from Busan was 6 more than the year before.

 Now that entering special-purpose high schools outside of a student’s local region has been prohibited starting this year, more and more of the city’s top students are choosing to attend autonomous private high schools in other parts of the country.

Another reason for the local brain drain is that Haeundae high school, which had been the only independent private high school, recently converted into an autonomous high school. 

Busan City giving support to Koreans teaching abroad

The city of Busan is planning to actively promote an initiative that will put graduates of teacher’s college, who work for a certain period of time as apprentice teachers in Korean schools overseas, on equal grounds for jobs with candidates who have successfully completed the teaching certification exam.

 The Busan National University of Education and the Education, Science, and Technology Committee are pushing for the local government to pass an act this year to give more support to Koreans teaching abroad.

 The object of the bill is to reward Korean teachers who have 3 to 5 years experience teaching in other counties, positions as elementary school teachers in Busan without needing to pass the teaching certification exam.

 The plan aims to transfer the teachers from overseas countries to local schools based on their job experience.

 Currently there are 946 Korean teachers working in 30 different schools in 15 different countries. The Busan National University of Education originally started the program to send graduates abroad to teach because the number of job openings for elementary schools teachers in Busan continued to dry up every year and teachers were suffering from an unemployment crisis.  

Busan Metropolitan Corp to increase Affordable Housing in Busan

The Busan Metropolitan Corporation, or BMC, is going to put in motion  plans to lease 300 units of housing to low income families.

In one part of its plan, the BMC will buy 200 homes from their owners after gathering applicants on the 5th.

The targeted homes should be less than 60 square meters in area or be townhouses with more than 3 units.

The BMC will also secure an additional 100 homes through lease agreements and will lend them to low income families.

These separate homes should be less than 85 square meters in size or a multiplex in 부산진구 or 해운대구.

The units will lease at a rate 70% less than the current housing market. The BMC will ask as lease price of 30 million won, a 1 – 3 million won security deposit, and a 30 – 50 thousand won rental fee.

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