Busan News for Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

R & D District to be established in Busan for Materials Industry
The city of Busan has confirmed plans to construct a special district for research and development for the parts and materials industry.
 The city is preparing to designate 57.4 square kilometers to the district from different western areas, including the Busan-Jinhae Free Economy Zone or BJFEZ, the 강서 high-tech industry logistics city, 동아 University, 신라 University and the 녹산 industrial complex.The city is planning to set up organzing and pratical affairs committees with help from the BJFEZ, the Busan Development Institute, the Southeast Economy Institute and the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology or KITECH.
 If the plans to construct the special district for R & D are successful, major business and national policy institutes would move into the area, enhancing the level of local industry and reducing the regional brain drain. 
Busan Water Authority constructing Small Hydropower Plant
The Busan Water Authority is promoting the construction of a small hydropower plant, which will generate electricity using the water level at the 회동 dam. 
The authority decided to build the hydropower plant along with a filtration plant to produce 4 thousand kilowatts of electric power per day.  Once the 1.1 billion won investment is secured, the authority hopes to draw up blueprints next year and start construction in 2012. 
Middle School Student murder’s suspect confirmed via DNA
According to an official briefing from the investigative headquarters at the Sasang police station, police have found DNA from murder suspect Kim on the victim Ms. Lee’s body.
The evidence has given the police confidence that the 33 year-old suspect is the murderer and they are working to find him by creating 14 teams with 75 police officers and asking for help from other police stations.  The police assume that the suspect was not able to run far from the scene of the crime and will focus on nearby inns and the suspect’s hometown to make the arrest.
Lee’s body was found around 9:30 pm on the 6th in a water tank on the roof of a one-story house only 50 meters from her home, 11 days after she had gone missing.
Education Institutes to end classes by 10p in busan
The Busan Office of Education is pushing to establish an ordinance to force elementary, middle, and high school institutes to end all classes by 10 p.m., bringing the controversy over regulating institutes back to the forefront again. 
The office plans to introduce the bill for legislation by the city council on the 11th.  One representative from the office said, “if the bill passes through the city council it will actually be applied from the second semester after the institutes are given a grace period of 3 months.” 
The office previously established an ordinance in April 2008 to limit elementary and middle school classes to 10 p.m. and high school classes to 11 p.m. 
Unsold Apartments decrease in Busan and Gyeongnam
Reports show that the number of unsold apartments has decreased slightly in Busan and Gyeongnam, to 8200 units at the end of January.  This is a 40.9% decline compared to the number of unsold apartments in December of 2008. 
There are currently 8100 apartments still on the market in Gyeongnam. 
The spike in apartment sales has been attributed to a strong increase in demand. 
Busan to start Korea’s first GIS
The city of Busan will set up and start the country’s first geographic information system.  The city has just completed the second step of the project, which contains geographic information from 8 city provinces and 36 city guns and gus and will finish mapping the entire country by 2012.
 The country’s geographic information system is expected to be an innovative way of using space without spending enormous financial resources to install a major database.
 Up till now, such geographic information was confined to administrative offices but in the future it will be available to private businesses and individuals. 

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