Busan News for Monday, March 15th, 2010

Suspect in Busan Middle School Girl Rape & Murder Case Confesses
The police have reported that 김길태, the suspect in the recent kidnap and murder of a middle-school girl, has confessed to part of the crimes yesterday including dumping the body and the possibility of kidnapping, sexual assault, and murder.  The police have attempted to secure an official statement from 김길태 that he committed the crimes of kidnapping, sexual assault, and murder.
Up till now, 김길태 has explained the entire process of the crimes but a few parts remain inconsistent and need further confirmation.  In particular, the police have asked Kim if he remembered choking the girl and covering her mouth and will continue to press for more information on the other parts of the crime based on the minor confession they recieved yesterday.
Special Seomyeon Theme Street to be Created
A special theme street will be created in Seomyeon. The street will be focused on the 3 themes of youth, food, and institutions.  The 6.9 billion won project will renovate the 2천110m, 12만㎡ area around 쥬디스태화 by next year so it can host a variety of festivals and events and become a famous tourism spot.
By the end of this year, performance stages will be added to the 270 meter section between 쥬디스태화 and BS bank and the 270 meter section between the 동보 bookstore and the 부전 library, to turn the area into “‘라온 거리” or “youth street.” The other themed sections, 소담거리, or food street, and 늘품거리, or institution street, will be created next year.
The streets will host a variety of events including a hide and seek competition to find works of art.
Busan Green Homes Project seeks to build more Eco Friendly Homes for Korea’s 1 million Greens Homes Project
The city of Busan is stepping in to help manage part of the national government’s eco-friendly, low-energy motivated ‘1 million Green homes  project.”
Korea’s “1 million Green homes project” is aimed at making 1 million homes eco-friendly by the year 2020. The natioanl government has offered to support up to 50% of the expenses for installing green facilities.
The local government will provide an investment of 500 million won to help the city reach its goal of creating 5,000 “green homes” by 2020.
The city will also invest 1.8 billion won to add solar power facilities to 58 houses in the East Busan Tour Complex in 기장.
15th Asian Pacific Network for Global Change Research Meeting held at APEC Center
The 15th Asian-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN) meeting was held in the APEC climate center for 5 days starting today (15).  100 representatives from 21 nations, including the US, China, and Australia participated to discuss this year’s budget and choose a research project to support.
On the 18th, after the host nation holds a session to introduce new ideas for green growth, all of the participants will tour the 기장 sewage treatment plant and the 해운대 incinerator.  APN, the international climate organization based in Kobe, Japan, was initially launched in 1990 after a suggestion from the US, in order to support a variety of research projects and other activities.
Yeonsan Station to be Renovated Next Month and Other Stations checking for Radon & Other Hazardous Toxins
The Busan Transportation Corporation has reported that the ventilation pipes and other equipment at Yeonsan station and 범어서 stations on subway line 1, will be replaced next month.
The corporation has also decided to establish an auto-measuring instrument to monitor inside air quality in Seomyeon station on lines 1 and 2 this June in order to check for pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide.
The corporation will also check for the cancer-causing agent radon, in order to improve the quality of inside air, in Bujeondong, Hadan, Sasang, Buam, Minrak, Mangmi, Baesan, Yeonsandong, Minam, and Namsanjeong stations this July.
In August, an inquiry will be carried out on other hazardous toxins including asbestos on the subway trains including 45 cars on line number 1, 56 cars on line number 2 and 30 cars on line number 3.
Vietnamese Contemporary Art Exhibit at Busan Museum of Art
The curtain has been raised on an exhibit of Vietnamese Contemporary Art at the Busan Museum of Art.
100 works from 25 different vietnamese artists will be displayed from the 호우에이 collection of 363 works, donated by the Japanese 이토 collectors.
In the exhibit’s first part, 1 or 2 of the art works will be on display until the 25th of April.
Then, from May 1st to June 11th, the work of 10 Vietnamese artists, including 뚜 쭈엔 will be hung on the walls for citizens and visitors to enjoy.

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