See you later Korea…

Four+ years ago, I came back to the motherland to start another chapter in my life.

The time has passed by quicker than expected and I was fortunate to meet many great people here.  I know I’ll be leaving out some of them here, but I want to say a huge thanks to the incredibly great people I was lucky to meet:

Tim, Jareb, Joey, Chris, Matthew, Mike, Petra, Inae, Amy, Ian, JJ, Kitaek, Sidney, Banessa, Bianca, Paul, Mike, Hana, Hyeri, Jiwook, Harry, Mikyung, Mira, Yunjin, Daniel, Ellis, Kelly, Joon, Erica, Eunhae, Harry, Lauren, Jesse, Leona, Lynn, Julia, Robyn, Kyle, David, Levi, Steven, Brenton, Jason, Anthony, Rebecca, Heather, Lee, Sean, Andy, Leo, Jinyoung, Stacy, Noemi, Janet, Tony, Devin, Tamara, Laura, Elissa, Dongmin, Maya, Julie, Amity, Tom, Amanda, Dr. Kwon, Dr. Park, Dr. Han, John, Heejin, Peter, and I’m sure many other great people I’m neglecting here.

I’d normally say “good-bye”, but who knows?  I may be back…

It was a great 4+ years here.  I really enjoyed and sincerely wish all my friends the best.  I’m sorry to be leaving…


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4 responses to “See you later Korea…

  1. Jareb

    Thanks to you Brandon. I don’t know if I’d be here still without your friendship and support. As I said, it’s hard to see you leave; I’m still happy and eager to hear from you. I’m good about keeping in touch. Will miss you a lot for sure.

  2. Lambert Lorette

    Hi, I’m wondering if, now that you are going (have gone) back to the states,
    you will be writing a blog there, and if so, where I might find it? Cheers, L

  3. hey, i’ll be looking at your blog throughout the next couple months. taught in seoul for a year, teaching a little south of seoul this year.

    Hope you have a good time here in the states!

  4. LB

    good for you. gtfo.

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