The Best Korean Breakfast in Seoul

I’m not talking about eggs, bacon and toast because that’s definitely not Korean.

My favorite Korean breakfast in Korea is and always be Hwangtae Maeul:


This place serves up a great bowl of Pollack Soup in the heart of Gangnam in between Yeosksam and Seolleung stations just off Teheran Ro (Road).  Directions below, but look at this healthy and VERY INEXPENSIVE MEAL (5000 won) you can chow down at 6:30a to 10a on almost any day.

Not only do you get this great dish plus rice, but you can also get “all you can eat” side dishes as well.  My favorite is the sweet marinated radish and the kimchee is quite fresh:

While enjoying this, you can also watch TV or even use their reasonably fast internet:


How do you get there?  Well, you can try and locate the Korea Technology Center (KOTECH) off Teheran Road right smack in the middle of Gangnam.  I think the address is 305 Teheran Road:


Or the building across the way, the Samsung Cheil Building:


You’ll see the road the restaurant is on Teheran-ro 43-gil (I think it’s 43 gil):


And if you’re wanting a coffee after your great meal for a “pick me up,” the KOTECH building has a Starbucks just steps away:


But do note it’s not open until 10a on Saturdays and Sundays.


If you do want one that’s open earlier, just go two blocks west to the KB Bank building or on the outside of the building, it says it is called the “Big Road Town” Building:

I did find on my trip recently that the Starbucks in Korea has a MUCH better selection of pastries than in Hong Kong:


If you miss this shop, don’t worry.  There’s another one just two blocks west or sometimes across the street.

And just in case, you can check out the review on TripAdvisor.

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