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Zero to One Million hits (+35,377)

one million plus hitsStarting in February of 2007, I started this little blog with very little in terms of expectations.  At the end of the month, I had a total of 27 views to the blog.  Most of them were probably mine. 😉

The month after, I had a whopping 50% increase and jumped to 37 views.  Well, it looks like I increased, but actually I decreased from two hits a day down to one because the month of February was only a short month of blogging.  I think I started somewhere in the middle of the month averaging my views per day to being 2/day.  So, yes, a total of 30 days of work got me a total of a view a day basically.  It was depressing and like many who blog, I’m sure I was wondering “what am I doing?”

Somehow, the 3rd month gave me a little inspiration.  Thanks to wordpress, our posts are not just optimized for the internet, but they also show up in some categories on the blog site where other “wanna be bloggers” are able to see our posts and give their support, if not just their curious fingers clicking on our well thought out post titles.  😉

It took me another 4 months (yes 7 months total) before I hit the 1000 views+ mark.  In September, I had almost doubled what I had in terms of website traffic in one month.  The google sandbox is reality.  It takes a while to get a blog (and a lot of hard work & energy spent) to get it more traffic.  Just a few months after in December, I increased my traffic 800%!!!

increase website traffic 800% Continue reading


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(Male) Koreans dominate the U.S. Amateur Two Years Straight setting another record!

Byeong Hun An - US Amateur Champion

Byeong Hun An - US Amateur Champion

Last year, it was Korean Kiwi Danny Lee who broke Tiger Wood’s 14 year record of being the youngest golfer to win the United States Amateur Golf Championship. This year, An Byung-Hun (also spelled Byeong-Hun An) decided 18 years and one month was too old for the prestigious event which has bred professionals Phil Mickelson, Justin Leonard and recent PGA winner Ryan Moore (from my hometown of Puyallup). High Schooler An was 17 years when beating Clemson University Senior Ben Martin 7 to 5. Continue reading

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Achieving a promotion in 6 months what normally takes 10+ years

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Didn’t realize it at the time, but when I was promoted twice in a matter of 6 months from Instructor to Faculty Manager and to my current title of Director, I found out from reading some literature recently it can take a normal Korean 10+ years to obtain the title below me called “gwajang” — a mid-level management position.  If it takes regularly 10+ years for that position and I’m in a title even higher and obtained it in less than 6 months, I should definitely be proud of my accomplishment.  I guess my previous experience made it easier along with my age & supposed wisdom.  Some days I neglect to realize all that I’ve done actually while here…

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Who wants to be a millionaire – Indian style…

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Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire

Tried to watch this movie a month plus ago, but after being reminded by IMDB‘s MOVIEmeter Top 10 list (#6 on the list recently), I was finally able to get a hold of Slumdog Millionaire & dedicate a good 2 hours to watch it.  Lately, I’ve been watching movies while distracted by other things I’m working online or the stock market.  However, I was really able to focus on this one which does help improve my appreciation for whatever flick I end up watching. Continue reading


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How did I live before

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Lenka from Australia

Lenka from Australia

Seriously, I thank for the Internet for many things. Recently, one of my teachers I saw recommended a cool app/website called DropBox which allows you to have free secure backup online up to 2 gigabytes (I believe) and it appears to be relatively quick, but just discovered it.  However, what’s been seriously a life saving find is  It helps you do a number of things on the topic of music, but what I love is the feature that allows you to see “similar artists” to an artist you like.  I just recently discovered this Australian singer by the name of Lenka while watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  I like a number of her songs (for now) and searched on which let me discover so far a couple artists I think I like: Lights and Charlotte Sometimes.  I haven’t spent an enormous time today looking for more, but at least for me when life isn’t the best, music sometimes helps cheer me up.  As a result, helps me be more positive by finding more artists that I can make me feel good.  Kudos to the folks who created the site!

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Best Places to Raise your Kids – 2009

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Best Places to Raise your Kids – 2009

Some of my favorites on the list published on Businessweek for 2009


Nearest city: Anchorage
Population: 281,070
Median household income: $80,927

Residents of Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, have a strong economy, teeming wildlife, low crime, and fresh air.
Runner-up: N/A*
*Only cities with at least 50,000 residents and a median family income between $40,000 and $100,000 were considered.

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Just short of 600 views…

Like I said “porcupines,” “Korean women” and many others like “how to say hello (or thank you) in Korean” are dominating the traffic on the blog these days.  For a snippet of the rest of the popular posts, check out the following WordPress stats for The Real “South” Korea: Continue reading


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I’m now quoted by a magazine I grew up admiring…

Well, not exactly “quoted”, but cited or referred to when trying to support a point…

Earlier tonight, I was just checking out my statistics as I do almost daily.  Yes, I’m addicted to numbers & the traffic that my blog drives.  It’s not something I’m incredibly proud of, but rather it’s very interesting what brings a visitor to my blog.

Nevertheless, I looked at some of the referring links and one picqued my interest.  Continue reading

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Just in case Judy’s Book ever dies or they re-arrange the website…

Not trying to be conceded, but you never know when this will be deleted off the internet…this will get buried into my blog anyhow.  🙂

Brandon Na Reviews

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