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Get ready for an onslaught of Korean Music Videos

I was in a Korean Music Videos mood today.  So, I surfed through a bunch via and threw a bunch of them them in here.  I know some of them are a little cheesy, but I’m o.k. with that since they’re for my ears.  If you enjoy as well, that’s fine, but these help me remember what I didn’t mind hearing/seeing earlier in terms of recent the Korean music front.

after the post: Noticed a few click overs from WordPress Tag’s category music.  This Japanese Jpop artist post wasn’t bad: I think the artist’s name is aiko sakuranotoki.

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Just short of 600 views…

Like I said “porcupines,” “Korean women” and many others like “how to say hello (or thank you) in Korean” are dominating the traffic on the blog these days.  For a snippet of the rest of the popular posts, check out the following WordPress stats for The Real “South” Korea: Continue reading


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