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Korean media in English

There are a number of blogs out there including mine here that write all about Korea, but what exists when it comes to actual Korean media that is either translated in English or is produced in English to help foreigners learn more about the “land of the morning calm?”

Well, it used to be mainly just the newspapers, The Korea Herald, JoongAng Ilbo (i.e., JoonAng Daily), and the Korea Times.  The AP of Korea, Yonhap News also provides their content in English as well here, but it seems that not all their content is fully translated into English.  Over time, the Chosun Ilbo (or Daily) has converted a bunch of their content here into English.

One of Korea’s leading TV & Radio networks, Korean Broadcasting System (aka KBS) appears to have recently translated a lot of their content here in English.  They have also translated their content in Chinese & Japanese as well. KBS World Radio also is translated in English.  KBS World TV as well is available in English.  It’s the inspiration behind today’s post since I had a bit of difficulty in the past obtaining English information about dramas or other TV content on the other major networks MBCSBS, & EBS.

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“Live from Busan, South Korea, it’s…”

efm logoSome of you already know, but I’ve accepted a job as the Evening Host of Busan’s English Radio station eFM.   The station is at 90.5 on the FM dial and the website is (where you can also listen off the Internet).

I’ll be starting on Monday, July 6th (2009). It’s definitely not something I had planned on doing for this juncture in life, but it’s a welcome change to the relatively stressful life that I was living the past 3 years with Chungdahm Learning (in the Busan region). I may blog about my time at Injoong Education (the parent company of the Busan+ branches of Chungdahm Learning & April English), but that will take a bit of time to write…

I’m looking incredibly forward to this experience and thus far, I’ve learned:

  • I have some REALLY cool coworkers like my sweet & awesome Producer Hana Jo and stylish and kewl writer Ji-wook.  Other cool foreign coworkers like Matthew, Petra and Dennis also prove I’m simply lucky in finding quality coworkers.  Sohee & Haejin along with our cool Team Leader Mikyung also make the days extra special and of course our Executive Director Mr. Koo (General Manager) as well who seems very cool for Korean management. Continue reading


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Six letters. Many combinations. Possibly the cure to all the world’s problems.

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Six letters.

Many combinations.

Possibly the cure to all the world’s problems.

In Korea, this one word makes or breaks peoples’ lives. Without these, many go homeless. With these, many have a roof over their head. For many foreigners or expatriates who date Korean women, it’s our biggest hurdle in getting to know them. However, after we get to know them, our bonds can be tighter than superglue with the Korean women we might love. Continue reading


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If, then… I wish someone would develop a contingency software tool!

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if then

if then

Many of us work hard — very hard for that matter.  We’re willing to put many hours into our work and at times are incredibly efficient.  Howeer, many of our coworkers ask us “Is xyz done yet?”  “Can you tell me where abc is right now?”  We’re usually waiting for someone else in the big puzzle we call work to finish something that would let us do our job ultimately.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some form of project management or task management software that helped us point out the true kinks or dependencies we have in our daily “to do” lists?  Perhaps the ideal software could also help us understand how long the delays are and if the things (or people) who hold us up continue to do so & at what frequency?  Perhaps, it will ultimately become an HR or rather a Human Resources tool which helps us understand who’s more efficient in an organization?  Continue reading


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Notice changes in your gmail recently?

move to buttons in gmail

move to buttons in gmail

The buttons strung along above your emails used to have rounded buttons for deleting, archiving, and reporting spam.  More importantly, you could label the emails.  However, they added a nice feature where you simply just “move” the emails to a label called “move to” which definitely saves the extra step of having to archive the email.  In the past you had to label then click on archive.  Also, the buttons and drop down menus from them are now square it appears.

If you’re more curious about the nitty gritty details of the changes, click on this to go to the gmail blog.

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iPhone available in Korea (in 2009)

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iPhone PicThe popular American gadget, Apple’s iPhone is set to be officially allowed in South Korea coming up next year in 2009.   According to this article from the Joongang Daily, the iPhone will debut in South Korea in April.

An excerpt from the article:

Popular Phones to invade Korean Market

Change in software regulation will allow in the iPhone and BlackBerry
December 11, 2008
Starting next April, the iPhone, BlackBerry and other foreign-made cell phones will be able to make their Korean debut without Wireless Internet Platform for Interoperability, the Korea Communications Commission announced yesterday. Continue reading

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Facebook can be painful at times…

Trying to just say “Happy birthday” on someone’s wall today, I was told “You are not permitted to do …”  WTF?  Can’t write on a wall?  Does Facebook now give people the power to prevent others from writing on their wall?

I was doing something else on the website & was given the same message of not being able to do something or not having the permissions.  I wonder if this is part of their new “redesign”.  Interesting…o.k. it’s not.

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AMERICAN CITIZEN SERVICES NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 2008 – Absentee Voting, Improved English websites in Korea, & next visit to Busan

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U.S. State Department, U.S. Embassy Seoul
Consular Section, American Citizen Services (ACS) Newsletter
September 2008

The U.S. Embassy is transmitting the following monthly newsletter via its warden system as a public service to U.S. citizens in the Republic of Korea.  Please feel free to disseminate this message to U.S. citizens in your organizations or to other Americans you know.

In this issue:

1. Absentee Voting in the November Elections
2. Next Consular Services Visit to Busan, September 23-24
3. Scammers Use Email, Fax to Pose as IRS
4. Korean Government Launches Improved English Language Website
5. On-Line Records Checks No Longer Allowed for Teaching Visas
6. Foreign Roads Deadly
7. Travel Document Tips
8. Recent Travel Warnings and Alerts
9. Upcoming Holidays: September 1 and 15
10. Embassy Contact Information
Continue reading

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A funny Korean flick starring pretty Chinese star Qi Shu

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This was a funny movie I saw recently. I’ve been in a movie watching mode. Not a bad flick…especially after watching a horrible one last night in the theatres.

The movie stars a very pretty Chinese actress Qi Shu.  It’s called “Jopog Manura 3” in Korean.  It was produced in 2006.  Here’s some more details from IMDB: “When Aryong, the daughter of a triad boss from Hong Kong is accused of killing the boss of a competing triad, she is goes into hiding in Korea. Upon arriving, she is guided by a nimble but loyal Gi-chul and his motley crew, who are assigned to protect her until her return.”

If you’d like to watch the whole thing with a tad bit of transition problems towards the end, click on this link for the playlist on Youtube.

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Mark Zuckerberg over at Facebook messaged me today

he said…

Hey (Brandon)-(actually, I did fill in the Brandon part…)

At Facebook, our goal is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. More than 90 million people across the world have joined this movement and are using the site to communicate and share information with the people they care about most. Today, we’re happy to invite you to check out the next evolution of our product. We’ve been working on it for a while, so we’re really excited to show it to you. Continue reading

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Some advice on getting cell phones in Korea (for foreigners)

Update (08-20-2012):
2012 Guide on Getting Cell Phones in South Korea (including the iPhone 4s)

Mobile Woes Over for Foreigners

By Kim Min-jung

As many of you I’m sure already know, the prospect of integrating in to an entirely new culture can be a somewhat daunting experience. Such fears can be further widened when one is without certain basic necessities.

One of those necessities is a cell phone. As phone booths in Korea have become nearly obsolete, the need for cell phones has grown exponentially. With this in mind, I want to shed some light on the services LG Telecom provides that are tailored exclusively to the needs of foreigners in Korea. Continue reading


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An Indian’s perspective on “Working in Korea”

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Working in Korea – How different is it from India

Are you planning to explore South Korea for work? If your answer is in the affirmative, you might want to spend sometime understanding the rising Korean economy and its unique, traditional culture, to make your life a tad easier. Continue reading


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Mobile Me looks like a great tool for the road warrior

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It looks like it synch’s everything like your PDA, computer, etc. Once I get a PDA, I’ll have to check it out. This post is definitely just for me — a reminder, that is, to check this out.

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Using your gmail more effectively: 10 tips straight from the horse’s mouth

gmail 1 image

gmail 1 image

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Google’s Gmail team recently announced their 1 year anniversary in publishing posts about the email service.  In the announcement, they shared with us the top 10 most read Gmail tips posts.

Very specifically, they include (paraphrased in the way I understand them):

  1. How to suggest new features for Gmail
  2. Importing old email into Gmail
  3. Editing contacts directly from your chat list
  4. Being able to change your email address from the original and still getting the emails
  5. How to search better with your gmail Continue reading


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Google tries to communicate in YOUR language

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google language growth

google language growth

Off to the right, you can see links or blue rectangle bars that allow you to translate my blog into Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish and German in addition to the default English version of this blog.  These options are all thanks to Google translate.  And the behemoth Google recently announced they hit 40 languages despite me only providing 7 options at this time for this blog.  I guess I could try and add the other 33 languages, but not sure how much real estate that would take off to the right & also not sure if it would justify it 100%.  I don’t get an INCREDIBLE number of requests to translate my blog yet with the links to the right, but who knows? Continue reading

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