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Customer Service Contact information is still a pain to get – even in Korea: Case in point – SK Broadband

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SK Broadband

SK Broadband

I recently moved.  I’ll definitely be posting about the experience here because it’s literally the 5th time I’ve moved here in Korea in my less than 3 years here and has to be the 100th time I’ve moved in the past 17+ years.  Let’s just say I’m a professional mover at this point & no, I’m not the one moving the “stuff.”  Rather, at least, I’m not the one who’s getting “paid” to move the stuff — I’ve been doing most of the paying.

Anyhoo, the reason I’m writing this post is to dedicate this to all of you who are looking to set up or change your Broadband provider in South Korea and happen to already be using SK Broadband.  If you need to get a hold of them and wanted to find their phone number conveniently online, you’re basically out of luck.  Similar to what I’ve said before about it being a pain to obtain customer service contact information like emails from ironically “online companies” (’s being one of the more difficult ones to find online despite being a HUGE ONLINE advocate) , this experience to try and find SK Broadband’s customer service department’s phone number before they closed was stressful.  Another similar example was finding a place or other way to contact the customer service department of one of the biggest online companies in the world at this point (Google)Continue reading


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