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Zero to One Million hits (+35,377)

one million plus hitsStarting in February of 2007, I started this little blog with very little in terms of expectations.  At the end of the month, I had a total of 27 views to the blog.  Most of them were probably mine. 😉

The month after, I had a whopping 50% increase and jumped to 37 views.  Well, it looks like I increased, but actually I decreased from two hits a day down to one because the month of February was only a short month of blogging.  I think I started somewhere in the middle of the month averaging my views per day to being 2/day.  So, yes, a total of 30 days of work got me a total of a view a day basically.  It was depressing and like many who blog, I’m sure I was wondering “what am I doing?”

Somehow, the 3rd month gave me a little inspiration.  Thanks to wordpress, our posts are not just optimized for the internet, but they also show up in some categories on the blog site where other “wanna be bloggers” are able to see our posts and give their support, if not just their curious fingers clicking on our well thought out post titles.  😉

It took me another 4 months (yes 7 months total) before I hit the 1000 views+ mark.  In September, I had almost doubled what I had in terms of website traffic in one month.  The google sandbox is reality.  It takes a while to get a blog (and a lot of hard work & energy spent) to get it more traffic.  Just a few months after in December, I increased my traffic 800%!!!

increase website traffic 800% Continue reading


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Korean media in English

There are a number of blogs out there including mine here that write all about Korea, but what exists when it comes to actual Korean media that is either translated in English or is produced in English to help foreigners learn more about the “land of the morning calm?”

Well, it used to be mainly just the newspapers, The Korea Herald, JoongAng Ilbo (i.e., JoonAng Daily), and the Korea Times.  The AP of Korea, Yonhap News also provides their content in English as well here, but it seems that not all their content is fully translated into English.  Over time, the Chosun Ilbo (or Daily) has converted a bunch of their content here into English.

One of Korea’s leading TV & Radio networks, Korean Broadcasting System (aka KBS) appears to have recently translated a lot of their content here in English.  They have also translated their content in Chinese & Japanese as well. KBS World Radio also is translated in English.  KBS World TV as well is available in English.  It’s the inspiration behind today’s post since I had a bit of difficulty in the past obtaining English information about dramas or other TV content on the other major networks MBCSBS, & EBS.

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Busan lights up the air over Gwangali in the 2009 Fireworks Festival

busan fireworks5A beautiful gallery of photos of the 2009 Busan (Gwangali) Fireworks festival is here on

Sometimes the city is spelled “Pusan” with a “P” and so if you want to look up more photos, video and other details about the Busan (aka Pusan) Fireworks Festival, you may need to type in “Pusan” with a “p,” just fyi.  Nevertheless, this show was one of the most AMAZING shows you’ll ever get to witness.  They did it up quite well here in Busan and it seems to get better each year.

Following are some great photos taken by John Bernardi and also a link to the actual show on Youtube.  It was impressive… Continue reading

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Big Bang’s Latest and a bit catchy if I can say so…

At first, I had a hard time finding this Big Bang song/video. It’s their newest release. I guess it was just released at the end of October on the 28th. The reason I had a hard time was because it’s in Japanese. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to play it on our radio station…so I guess I’ll have to enjoy it here.

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Breaking Korean News: A young Korean actress (Jang Jin Young/장진영) passes away at 35 years old

jang jinyoung
Another one of the young and beautiful passes away at a very young age. More pics of this South Korean actress and former model follow. Continue reading

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Do not do this at home or anywhere for that matter… (on your motorcycle)

This is why I am trying to be careful and you won’t see me doing wheelies:

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OK, I think I’m in love…

Cute Kim Eun Jung

Cute Kim Eun Jung

Just kidding, but when people ask me who I think is attractive in Korea (when they’re referring to celebrities), I think of Lee Hyori or (Jung) Ryeo-won or maybe even Shin Mina. I know there’s a lot of gals in all the girl bands that may be attractive, but honestly, I don’t have much time to think about it.

However, someone asked recently to identify the pictures in some of the popular pics on my blog which I didn’t label. In particular, this post had a picture in it that didn’t have it labeled.  Well, I found out the two gals in the picture turned out to be two gals from the old  Korean pop girl band Jewelry which I think one of the two girls left (Suh In-young).  The other one in the photo which I just learned is named Kim Eun Jung I’m thinking is quite attractive. Continue reading


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I’m the hulk? Really?

Well, that’s what this website says:

Don’t get it, but who am I to question such an accurate and official website like this? I answered as honestly as I could. It wasn’t easy…

Your results:
You are Hulk

Green Lantern
The Flash
Iron Man
Wonder Woman
You are a wanderer with
amazing strength.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

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One of the best Groom & Bride speeches I’ve heard

…o.k. it’s the only Bride & Groom speech I’ve heard (I believe) like this, but I recommend everyone who’s as entertaining as my friends Derek and Bonnie to have one at their wedding. These guys rock!

Continue reading

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I love this movie…

A_Moment_to_Remember_PosterI shared “A Moment to Remember” with a past coworker recently.  I remembered how much it made me tear up.

This morning, I woke up a bit early and it’s hard to get things done before 10a here in Korea.  So, I decided to rewatch it.  I’ve seen it a few times now, but it still lets me tear up quite easily.  The last clips in this Youtube playlist really make you want to grab some tissues.

It’s funny how direct translation of a title into English can be though.  The Korean title in English means, “In my head, there’s an eraser.”  The leads in the movie are both appealing characters.  You literally fall in love with both of them.  One quote in the movie I think is amazing to hear is “You’re a great husband.”  The male star really does epitomize what a husband should do in such a situation.   Continue reading

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could…

Find someone in this world you love so much, you would do this for…

Not saying I wish to give my eyes to someone, but just to find someone you love that much…would be nice.

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A little upbeat dance music to give you a little energy…

I’ve created this little playlist off of Youtube that’s definitely keeping me upbeat when I’m listening. It’s a mix between Korean Kpop and other dance music with a few other random videos.

One of the videos off this playlist is Wheesung’s Insomnia. This tune’s a bit catchy…

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Is there a sexier Korean woman on this planet?

I didn’t really like her most recent album in terms of music, but this is possibly the most “catchy” of the songs…and my gosh, but I can’t ignore the “man” in me…Lee Hyori is definitely the most sexy Korean woman I know. Anyone better? I can’t say “mentally” she is, but…


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Euro Stranger Rodeo: The creativity of the British blows my mind sometimes…

Oh my gosh this made me cry laughing the first time I saw it…

Neg’s Urban Sports on Balls of Steel

…if the first Youtube video doesn’t work, here’s an alternative:
Big Euro Stranger RodeoWatch the top videos of the week here

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Tough little Korean Kid Rob Cho by Will Ferrell

Actually, Will Ferrell in his typical great impersonation of some random character reminds us how Football coaches appear to everyone.  He preceded Ronnie Lott in the Lott Trophy presentation I think in 2006?  He also mentions there’s another “tough kid”, Rob Cho’s Korean brother “Rick Cho….”  Ha!

I think it’s somehwhere around 1:35 he starts joking about the Cho’s. He of course stick’s with the “cho” theme and starts blurtin out stuff about Na-cho’s which in High School I was made fun of a bit by my debating team members when one of the partners I had at the time was Susie Cho. We were called Nacho by this annoying classmate Marty McGuirk.

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