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Studying for the AP exams for free? From Korea? Top 5 study tips

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A past student of mine asked for some help studying for his AP Exams: Economics, Psychology and World History. Being here in Korea, he doesn’t have lots of texts he can buy at the local bookstore or at & get it a few days later. Korea also doesn’t have a lot of American texts and the accessibility is pretty sad to be frank. So, I thought up as many solutions he could take advantage of via the Internet and emailed him away.

I thought since he’s probably not the only one studying for the exams abroad, perhaps my tips might be useful to some kid in Ghana or in Fukuoka, Japan. It wouldn’t hurt I thought given there are 37 AP Exams on 22 subject areas and many standardized tests like it that many countries use as Academic standards to gain entrance into the top institutions. So, here they are:

1. Downloading Torrents (I reminded him that this is illegal & that he needs to do it with his parent’s permission & with caution; it was for educational purposes though and so I felt o.k with sharing this resource for now)

  • First you need to download the application at
  • A good site that many find texts on in .pdf format is
  • He wasn’t familiar with how to do it and so I told him basically you have to “type in “[thing you’re looking for] torrents” into google or‘s search” Continue reading


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Korean websites where you can find computer/laptop deals

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kohjinsha laptop

kohjinsha laptop

My coworkers recently showed me some Korean websites to shop for computers since I said I was looking for a cheap laptop to replace my current solutions.  I have a couple old laptops that take forever to bootup.  One also has problems with the keyboard where it seems like a hotkey is stuck and the regular keyboard keys don’t function — basically, I can’t type anything on it or navigate properly.  The other one has problems connecting to my wireless LAN and I have to pull it out and insert it along with sometimes rebooting it.  It’s sad though when I think about the fact I’m complaining about moving my hand just a few times and being patient a few minutes longer.  It’s funny how society’s become more and more impatient about just a few minutes (or maybe it’s just me?).  Anyway, the websites are: Continue reading


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Launch your e-Teaching career

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Teach Indians, Chinese and French all from the comforts of your American home.  Just discovered this little site called WiZiQ which supposedly allows you to teach others throughout the world with their virtual tools.  Have NOT used it yet, but might give it a try later on.  Perhaps you’ll see one of my classes about the 2 or 3 things I think I know coming up?!  ^^

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How did I live before

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Lenka from Australia

Lenka from Australia

Seriously, I thank for the Internet for many things. Recently, one of my teachers I saw recommended a cool app/website called DropBox which allows you to have free secure backup online up to 2 gigabytes (I believe) and it appears to be relatively quick, but just discovered it.  However, what’s been seriously a life saving find is  It helps you do a number of things on the topic of music, but what I love is the feature that allows you to see “similar artists” to an artist you like.  I just recently discovered this Australian singer by the name of Lenka while watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  I like a number of her songs (for now) and searched on which let me discover so far a couple artists I think I like: Lights and Charlotte Sometimes.  I haven’t spent an enormous time today looking for more, but at least for me when life isn’t the best, music sometimes helps cheer me up.  As a result, helps me be more positive by finding more artists that I can make me feel good.  Kudos to the folks who created the site!

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Using your gmail more effectively: 10 tips straight from the horse’s mouth

gmail 1 image

gmail 1 image

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Google’s Gmail team recently announced their 1 year anniversary in publishing posts about the email service.  In the announcement, they shared with us the top 10 most read Gmail tips posts.

Very specifically, they include (paraphrased in the way I understand them):

  1. How to suggest new features for Gmail
  2. Importing old email into Gmail
  3. Editing contacts directly from your chat list
  4. Being able to change your email address from the original and still getting the emails
  5. How to search better with your gmail Continue reading


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Just short of 600 views…

Like I said “porcupines,” “Korean women” and many others like “how to say hello (or thank you) in Korean” are dominating the traffic on the blog these days.  For a snippet of the rest of the popular posts, check out the following WordPress stats for The Real “South” Korea: Continue reading


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Attention all facebook members: Facebook no longer the #2 Social Website on the web

Facebook is overpopulated or rather overpopulating the Internet.

According to, a division of, Facebook has overtaken as the #1 Social Networking website on the Internet. Just like they wrote on their blog, Facebook has overtaken popular websites like Wikipedia (#8) and (#7). Supposedly, now is the #5 highest trafficked website on the Internet behind only a few behemoths ahead of it.  Alexa reported it on their blog here on May 7th.

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Video revolution?

Enjoy them while they’re available & free:

Joost, Joox, YouTube, Veoh, Vimeo, Viddler, Stage6

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Quite an amazing video website…

I stumbled upon this site, but it’s seriously a breath of fresh air.  Don’t know how this guy made it, but definitely unique.  Check out this website about “streaming video about life in Japan.”

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25 websites (‘s editors) says we can’t live without

1. (true)
2. (yah, I guess…well, I’d argue
3. (I think there’s some bias here, but it has good stuff)
4. (definitely)
5. (debateable since there’s lots like it) Continue reading


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Find inexpensive airfare for travelling to Asia (from Europe & maybe elsewhere?)

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Tips on finding cheap fares from Europe to Asia

Originally here:

I have the same question that you answered (Nov. 23) about the best Web sites for buying discounted business-class tickets to Asia, where we are planning to make an extended trip – but from Paris instead of the United States. John Murray, Paris Continue reading

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Surfing American and other Western websites from Korea

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I say “Korea” because with the recent summit between North Korea’s Kim Jong Il and South Korea’s Roh Moo Hyun, we may be seeing a unified Korea sometime within this century.

Moving onto the topic of the post… grabs my attention constantly so I can keep up with the latest websites on the ‘net.  It’s the only larger company which keeps tracks of internet traffic for free unlike the Nielsens Ratings or otherwise in the world.  Thus, my creation of to keep track of all the websites which move up and down relatively more than other websites on the Internet.  However, every time I visit the site, I’m reminded that the site looks horrible.  It also takes forever to load.  In my mind, they just simply don’t care about the country which boasts the highest broadband penetration rates in the world at just short of 90%.  Korea to be frank has been a leader in utilizing the Internet just shortly after it became popular in the mid 1990’s.  Continue reading

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Forget calling collect, but just call for free…

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So, the costs of calling back home (the U.S.A.) and also the hassle of getting calling cards basically disallowed the right hand side of my brain to put out the extra effort to call…rather, I was so busy that it was tough. However, with the new job and all, I have to make calls constantly abroad and elsewhere. Thus, I found a few means to actually make it cheaper…actually free in many cases. Thus, I’ve made a blog at where Jumi, a friend from college and I will Continue reading

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Free MIT MBA? Free Masters of Science in Engineering?

I was recently reminded of something I knew as early as 2001.  It was the fact you can learn from MIT for free: online.  If you check out, there are at least 1,550 courses available online from MIT (as of November 2006) from subjects ranging from Business to Science.  I was reminded of it again because I was teaching my Master’s class & explaining to them they can learn for free any day from even the best Institutions in the world.  Continue reading


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Funny — a short follow up to WordCount…

So, Jonathan decided to do what we do with Search Engines…he also ranked how we use his Wordcount site with QueryCount.  Check out the #1 word — same word as the highest used word in most search engines. 

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