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A pretty simple idea, but in many polluted cities, people suck in Carbon Monoxide and other unhealthy gases.  What they need is what hospitals give people who have been stuck in smokey conditions over an extended period of time: oxygen.  We live for oxygen.  Just like water, we need oxygen to survive.

Well,  before we had bottled water, people were probably saying the same thing about bottled water.  People were probably also saying it was a stupid idea to bottle up something we could access so easily from our own pipes.  Well, we know over time, that the pollutants and chemicals in our water supply encourage us now to drink more bottled water and motivate us to also filter the water that comes from the tap.

Currently, it’s expensive to bottle up and sell oxygen, but someone needs to economize it & eventually produce a common man’s (person’s) sized bottle of fresh air. We could probably get recyclable canisters. As popular “natural food stores” become more popular like “Whole Foods”, we will have bigger distribution points to sell these products. People will pay almost anything to stay and become more healthy. Our planet will only become more unhealthy & so the demand and need for this will only grow.

My wonderful girlfriend said that Tokyo has already done something like this, but I know that Seoul has not & I also know that Seoul is incredibly polluted. I can guarantee this would do well up there if marketed well.

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