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Korea’s First (Super & Real) Sports Car – The Spirra

Looks like Korea’s automobile industry is coming of age…

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Sumptin’ Betta or Just Too Much dot coms

So, I’m sure these are available, but someone may need to create or  Both would have similar themes for the websites.  Basically, there are new ideas and websites coming out as fast as we are drinking Starbucks lattes everyday.  However, the key for each of them, in my opinion is not duplicating what’s already out there or making sure they stick around.  People are just overwhelmed with all the applications that help us keep in touch with one another.  However, there is definitely a need for all the new applications, but how does one handle them?  Anyway, both websites potentially would help educate people on the benefits of what each new application/website can do for people AND may at some point just identify how much excess there is whenever something gets hot.

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Cell Phone Vibrator or Beeper

Prefacing this, I didn’t want to actually write this.  I honestly think this is a $10 million dollar idea I’m giving away for free.  If you understand this, I really think someone could leverage this.  However, I don’t have the right contacts right now to produce this.  So, I’m giving it up. 


Let’s face it, but the cell phone will never be small enough where we can slip it on our collar or on our watch or otherwise where we don’t realize it’s there.  So, we place our cell phones to the side and many times have no idea that an important message has come in.  However, we are creating devices small enough to clip on our collars, our shirts, our watches, etc.  which could vibrate or beep when we do get those important messages.

 Cell phones could be reduced down to the size of these devices, but we wouldn’t use them…we couldn’t input the phone number and we would look idiotic and feel uncomfortble talking into small things the size of a pen or an eraser.  So, this little device instead helps us with both the urgency of the messages & calls, but also lets us easily hide the small warning device when needed.  Think of it as a beeper for our cell phone.  Probably wouldn’t cost much producing these things in China or elsewhere. 

If you do end up leveraging this idea into a great business, I definitely want to pre-congratulate you!  If you would be nice enough though to return at least credit or a little bit of the profits, I would be so appreciative…or my twin boys would be & hopefully their college education funds would too.  🙂  ^^

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A couple wikis that wouldn’t be bad to have implemented (if not done already)

So, I think we’re going to have many of these.  However, I was thinking that a couple that would be nice to have out there are:

  •  a book wiki — Amazon screwed up on this — getting information in an objective way on the internet…even Bezos admitted it in a recent article describing Wiki’s and the founder of the application.  Also, this wiki could replace basically all those “cliff notes” type of sites out there.
  • resumes wiki — how about putting out of business?  What if we decided to just have a place where everyone placed their resumes for recruiters to look for & people to just do their best to publicize their own.  Then again, don’t we call this  Maybe something less corporate would put out of business too?

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The perfect blog

Well, I’m definitely a big fan of  It’s great in getting your blogs in search engines & a lot of traffic.  It has great tools — much better than anything out there.  However, one thing that is a bit annoying that Google ( has an advantage over WordPress is affiliates and profiting from the blogs.  Come on, but people use the blogging webpages & build “for profit” blogs on their own domains.  There’s got to be a way to include that into the business model here — maybe a text ad or a requirement for some part of the site to be integrated with ways WordPress can make money.  There’s simply got to be a way…

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Ideal Laptop

How many times do you start working on your laptop and think “Wouldn’t it be more comfortable or convenient if my laptop had XYZ?”  Laptops or notebook computers are great in that they are smaller and portable, but there are many things that allow us to be more productive and faster on a desktop — bigger monitor, bigger keyboard, better set up with the mouse…  If you want a bigger screen, you have to have a bigger monitor, if you want a better mouse, you can try one of about 10,000 solutions which haven’t got it perfect yet and if you want a better keyboard…well, you had better just suck it up. 

Laptops are also getting more feature driven or more handy like the tablet PC’s which are turning laptops into a modern day “true notebook” you can scribble on.  However, it’s still much heavier than a true paper notebook and so not many of us carry them around to scribble. 

Well, the thought here is to create a company that focuses ONLY on laptops and make them truly ideal.  Toshiba does make some great laptops and Dell is getting better it as well along with IBM consistently getting high marks (who knows how much this is influenced by the dollar, sign — side note), but no one really focuses on making it so convenient that we would rather do our work on our laptop vs. our desktop.  Honestly, it would ideally be better to work on the laptop for our shoulders or backs in the long run or our butts…so we can do it in bed or on the plane or whereever.  However, no one is truly focusing on this issue…perhaps I will? 

I would also like it to be customized to fit different people.  Some people have bigger hands, some people can’t type, some people hate the mouse and some absolutely can’t do anything without it, some need larger screens/monitors and others prefer many other things.  Well, there would be a division that focuses on the “customizeable” laptop which retains quality, but just makes it easier to use.  There would also be 3 to who knows how many sizes that would come with each version.  Remember, this company would focus on the long term and truly be the “Ideal latop company” and so it would have to sacrifice a little on margin by making so many versions of each laptop & would have to become a master of inventory management or being able to build them quicklly after having them customized — Dell did it to a significant extent, why can’t we? 

I also had thoughts of integrating all the modern devices of the world to snap into this laptop so it truly is a super machine.  The cell phone, the PDA, a form of a tablet that snaps off, a pen or two, your glasses, your keys, and multiple other things that reside in your laptop bag.  Have the laptop either be indestructable or have a very convenient case around it — have it (& maybe the case) be the only things you carry around to be productive & able to open the door to your home or  your car.  🙂 

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2 things should have…

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) service would be a perfect service for Many people search out others to help them in business, but for proprieters or people who are trying to start a business, one of the main issues that they are concerned about is the protection of their idea. However, without knowing much about the “new contacts” people gain from the site, an NDA would be perfect for “strangers” to overcome the fear that one would have in sharing these new ideas. may become the new hotbed for future’s,’s , etc.  After they implement this feature, I hope they throw a few bones my way, but I doubt they will…nevertheless, I felt the need to speak up.  An email to their help center probably would have less impact.

The second thing they definitely need is a search function which allows you to find services like the one aforementioned. Not only should have this service, but so should every Social Network including, and Most people don’t even know what’s available and it’s too complicated or not easy enough for people to find the services that are available. There should also be some interface that makes it easy to see what is free & what is not. There should be demos as well for people to understand some of these services.

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