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Zero to One Million hits (+35,377)

one million plus hitsStarting in February of 2007, I started this little blog with very little in terms of expectations.  At the end of the month, I had a total of 27 views to the blog.  Most of them were probably mine. 😉

The month after, I had a whopping 50% increase and jumped to 37 views.  Well, it looks like I increased, but actually I decreased from two hits a day down to one because the month of February was only a short month of blogging.  I think I started somewhere in the middle of the month averaging my views per day to being 2/day.  So, yes, a total of 30 days of work got me a total of a view a day basically.  It was depressing and like many who blog, I’m sure I was wondering “what am I doing?”

Somehow, the 3rd month gave me a little inspiration.  Thanks to wordpress, our posts are not just optimized for the internet, but they also show up in some categories on the blog site where other “wanna be bloggers” are able to see our posts and give their support, if not just their curious fingers clicking on our well thought out post titles.  😉

It took me another 4 months (yes 7 months total) before I hit the 1000 views+ mark.  In September, I had almost doubled what I had in terms of website traffic in one month.  The google sandbox is reality.  It takes a while to get a blog (and a lot of hard work & energy spent) to get it more traffic.  Just a few months after in December, I increased my traffic 800%!!!

increase website traffic 800% Continue reading


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Impressive photo of South Korean Army

Saw this from Time Magazine. I guess this is the South Korean Special Army soldiers demonstrating their martial arts skills during a rehearsal for the 61st anniversary of Armed Forces Day at Gyeryong military headquarters.

Read more:,29409,1927323_1957148,00.html#ixzz0WChsDQVb


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Busan lights up the air over Gwangali in the 2009 Fireworks Festival

busan fireworks5A beautiful gallery of photos of the 2009 Busan (Gwangali) Fireworks festival is here on

Sometimes the city is spelled “Pusan” with a “P” and so if you want to look up more photos, video and other details about the Busan (aka Pusan) Fireworks Festival, you may need to type in “Pusan” with a “p,” just fyi.  Nevertheless, this show was one of the most AMAZING shows you’ll ever get to witness.  They did it up quite well here in Busan and it seems to get better each year.

Following are some great photos taken by John Bernardi and also a link to the actual show on Youtube.  It was impressive… Continue reading

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Korea’s First (Super & Real) Sports Car – The Spirra

Looks like Korea’s automobile industry is coming of age…

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This was enjoyable to watch a long time ago…

It almost makes me want to download “Scent of a Woman” and watch it again:

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Great weight loss and physical health tips from my roomate

workoutMy roomate Devin Nowroski gave some of the best advice to me the other day about working out, your food intake and not being misled about the misconception that running for example equals more energy or that you lose weight via traditional methods.  I’ve been running about 5-6 kilometers 2-3 times a week, but still feel my gut getting bigger or less “thinner.”  I do have to admit I’ve been reducing my stomach and back exercises a bit recently, but Devin’s advice still is some great stuff I don’t ever want to forget.

I pointed him to an article here on Time magazine which points out that exercise doesn’t necessarily mean that you lose weight.  The writer actually argues the contrary.

He replies:

“Thanks for sending the article. It was an interesting read. The author was not entirely inspiring though. I feel like the average person who reads it could be less inclined to exercise all together, which is not really ideal. The point they are trying to make is fine, and correct in my opinion, but not giving enough info to the reader. Stuff like that makes me angry. Continue reading


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Hagwon Advice…

esl kidsI’ve been around the (Korean) block a few times…

More specifically, I’ve been in the English as a Foreign Language (and as CDI or Chungdahm Learning likes to call it their patented ESL programs) industry for more than five years in Korea.  I get questions constantly about how to enter the industry, who to choose for work and honestly what to do if interested in this field if you want work.

Well, I just got another question (or should I say set of questions) asked of me about work here in Korea as an English teacher.  Instead of just answering this gentleman directly and minimizing the impact, I thought I’d write it up here so a few more can read and hopefully benefit from my advice.  In addition to reading the following, you can also read my piece called “Advice for Teachers” (they titled it that way even though I didn’t) which should actually be named “Advice for ‘Prospective’ English Teachers (in Korea).”

The guy asks: Continue reading


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A somewhat profound story from “Genghis Khan and His Falcon”

Genghis Khan & Falcon

Genghis Khan & Falcon

I really like this short story/journal entry by Paulo Coelho in his book “Like the Flowing River.” Coelho is the author of “The Alchemist.” It really supports the two quotes at the end of the story. I think they are two ideals people should definitely consider in life when friends seem to be “funny” and “when we make decisions while we’re angry.”  (if you don’t have time to read the whole post, skip to the italics where the meat of this short story starts…)

“On a recent visit to Kazakhstan, in Central Asia, I had the chance to accompany some hunters who still use the falcon as a weapon. I don’t want to get into a discussion here about the word ‘hunt’, except to say that, in this case, Nature was simply following its course.

I had no interpreter with me, but what could have been a problem turned out to be a blessing. Unable to talk to them, I paid more attention to what they were doing. Our small party stopped, and the man with the falcon on his arm remained a little way apart from us and removed the small silver hood from the bird’s head. I don’t know why he decided to stop just there, and I had no way of asking. Continue reading


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If you think you can’t do something, watch this…

Just in case you want to know how to find it, just search for “My Redeemer Lives – Team Hoyt.” It’s a tad religious, but just take the message to heart instead regardless of your standpoint on religion…

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Talk about sh*t hitting the fan…

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Is it me?  Or did I just land in the country most well known for “drama?”  

Just visited my great friend Derek at his wedding in Hawaii with the beautiful bride Bonnie and great friends.  It was seriously a beautiful wedding. Here’s the couple dancing to “Bella’s Lullaby” played by you would think a professional piano player, but rather by their niece “Rachel” who is AMAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZING!!!! (think of Will Ferrell yelling this like he did at the Harvard Commencement speech).

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Studying for the AP exams for free? From Korea? Top 5 study tips

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A past student of mine asked for some help studying for his AP Exams: Economics, Psychology and World History. Being here in Korea, he doesn’t have lots of texts he can buy at the local bookstore or at & get it a few days later. Korea also doesn’t have a lot of American texts and the accessibility is pretty sad to be frank. So, I thought up as many solutions he could take advantage of via the Internet and emailed him away.

I thought since he’s probably not the only one studying for the exams abroad, perhaps my tips might be useful to some kid in Ghana or in Fukuoka, Japan. It wouldn’t hurt I thought given there are 37 AP Exams on 22 subject areas and many standardized tests like it that many countries use as Academic standards to gain entrance into the top institutions. So, here they are:

1. Downloading Torrents (I reminded him that this is illegal & that he needs to do it with his parent’s permission & with caution; it was for educational purposes though and so I felt o.k with sharing this resource for now)

  • First you need to download the application at
  • A good site that many find texts on in .pdf format is
  • He wasn’t familiar with how to do it and so I told him basically you have to “type in “[thing you’re looking for] torrents” into google or‘s search” Continue reading


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Enjoying smoking…I mean watching “Weeds” (& “Bear hunt) these days…

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weedsThe language, the offbeat content and quotes like this:

“…we’re going to be a family if I have to kill all of you!” by the lead character “Nancy Botwin”  or “Shane goes on a paint rampage.  Get’s suspended.  Two of you ditch school to fuck in my guestroom,” after accidentally walking in on her son & dysfunctional gf are why I’m watching seasons 1 through 4  when I can.  The first episode of Weeds previews enough good stuff including the walking in on her teenage son, blunt racist sarcasm, adultery,  homosexuality and of course the drug dealing perfect suburbia mom who knows how to wield the “f” word better than most gangsters.

My life these days in a sentence: Work, my boys/family, emails, SEO Testing/Experimenting, Facebook, OCW classes when I can, Weeds & a periodic flick or two here and there.

Pretty sad, eh?

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Ingenious online marketing site: Subservient Chicken dot com

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Burger King

Burger King

Thanks to Facebook and Ashley Parks, one of our teachers in our company, I just learned about a website the online marketing crew over at Burger King concocted called “Subservient Chicken.”  You get a website of a live guy (or it appears he’s live & it could be a gal for all we know) dressed up in a chicken who takes commands from online viewers.  At first, I don’t know why, but I told it to “die.”  Well, it didn’t do as asked.  While waiting, I saw it scratching it’s head with it’s wing (hand, I mean). Continue reading

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Achieving a promotion in 6 months what normally takes 10+ years

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Didn’t realize it at the time, but when I was promoted twice in a matter of 6 months from Instructor to Faculty Manager and to my current title of Director, I found out from reading some literature recently it can take a normal Korean 10+ years to obtain the title below me called “gwajang” — a mid-level management position.  If it takes regularly 10+ years for that position and I’m in a title even higher and obtained it in less than 6 months, I should definitely be proud of my accomplishment.  I guess my previous experience made it easier along with my age & supposed wisdom.  Some days I neglect to realize all that I’ve done actually while here…

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Watching the 2009 first sunrise from a warm & cozy place

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It’s a tradition for many to stay up late on the last day of 2008 to watch the first sunrise of the New Year on the beaches in Busan.  On top of the exhaustion it would of created, it was colder than normal this time of year and many stayed home due to the weather.  However, thanks to the power of the Internet and some person who decided to record the video of it, here you go…now we can all see it (and again, and again…)

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