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Do not do this at home or anywhere for that matter… (on your motorcycle)

This is why I am trying to be careful and you won’t see me doing wheelies:

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No, I’m really in love…

fz6 photoOK, just kidding again.

By the time you read this, I may be the proud owner of a Yamaha FZ6. I still own my other bike I got a number of months ago, the 1994 Suzuki Impulse, but I don’t know how much longer I’ll keep it. I have a few buyers who are looking at it with my Suzuki Impulse ad on craigslist.

However, I couldn’t pass up this Yamaha and think I’ll be o.k. with the finances as long as I keep building up my income. Plus, I really wanted something that will get through the winter more comfortably given that the Suzuki did have some starter issues a long time ago. At the same time, the starter issues went away after I got the rocket battery and so that’s why I’m contemplating keeping onto the bike as well. The bike is a bit nice looking, in my opinion and a classic look that almost makes me feel like it’s a better looking bike than most. If I do put some money into it and a little more TLC, I think ti may be a classic in the long run.

For now, I’ll be putting a bit of focus into my new FZ6 which wikipedia says is a 600 cc motorcycle that was introduced in 2004 as a sporting middleweight sport bike built around the 2003 YZF R6 engine. The engine is retuned for more usable midrange power. It comes with a somewhat soft suspension. It is very well suited for sport-touring, commuting, or just having fun on curvy mountain roads. So, this should be perfect for commuting to my new University job at the Korea Maritime University.

2006-Yamaha-FZ6bI almost decided not to buy this after seeing this Yamaha Fazer review on Motorcyclist Online, but after a number of factors and consulting with my great coworker Matthew, I went ahead and decided to get it.

There’s also this FZ6 forum I’m going to have to take advantage of hopefully soon so that I can learn more about it.

I have no idea if I’ll ever get it to 200 kph like this video shows when comparing it to a Ducati 749, but I’m quite impressed at how strong this bike may be.

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So, do I get a new motorcycle?

Not sure…

Just rode this today and thought it was a bit too light and the engine was a bit too noisy for power which seemed lacking.

honda cb 400ss

This Honda CB 400 SS was retailing for about 3.3 million won and was a 2004.  So, about 10 years newer than my Suzuki Impulse.   I guess these CB 400 SS’s aren’t available in the states according to this blog.  I don’t know, but I’m starting to like my bike despite the constant starter problems, the fact that I’ve swapped out the battery 3X’s and every bike shop guy doesn’t seem to know how to deal with the problems.  On top of that, the thing sucks gas like a thirsty bear.  I think I’m getting about 6 kilometers per thousand won or maybe closer to 10-14 kilometers per liter.   I’m thinking this is very low compared to reading online that it should be producing about 20+ as high as the 30 kilometer range per liter.   Am I misestimating?

I’m going to look at this tomorrow and wondering if it will be more fuel efficient or just simply faster?

Yamaha FZ6Yamaha FZ6

According to this fuel economy website, this bike should get about 68.24 kilometers per gallon which would equal about 18 kilometers per liter which is definitely a bit higher than mine and it also has a bit more output at 600cc which is about 50% more powerful than my current bike.  So, more power, more fuel efficiency for about I’m thinking 3.5 million won extra?   I’m hoping to get at least 2.5 mill won for my current bike.  Honestly, I love it these days especially after feeling the difference between it and the Honda CB400 SS.  However, should I plop a few million won down extra?

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Recent motorcycle thoughts…

Hyosung Comet 650R - GT650RI’m really tempted in buying this Hyosung Comet 650R – GT650R to the left right now even though I love my bike.   The starter which periodically has small issues and the gas efficiency isn’t as strong as I had hoped (even though it’s MUCH cheaper than taking cabs all ove rhte place) are making me think I want a newer bike.  This Hyosung is a 2006 and the guy says that it gets similar mileage to what I get on my Suzuki.  So, the reason why I’m debating it of course is that the fuel efficiency isn’t better and the price is definitely almost twice what I paid for my Suzuki.  However, this has a bit more kick with 650CC and is newer possibly meaning less mechanical issues in the short term.   Continue reading

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Maintenance records for my Suzuki Impulse

Moto Morini Corsaro 1200 Veloce  07  1Just doing my regular update of  what I am doing to keep my motorcycle “in tip top shape.”  I was hearing a bit of noise in the back tire area and my friend Harry told me it’s a chain issue – probably the chain being either too loose or needing a bit of oil.

22,702 KM’s on the odometer

So, my roomate’s trusty motorcycle guy did it as cheap as it gets with Castrol Oil – oh, I forgot, I probably needed an oil change at this point.  It only cost me 30,000 won.  It looks like I haven’t done an oil change for over 2 and a half months.  I’ve been riding it pretty regularly.  The guy said it was REALLY due a new oil change.

The bike felt totally different after I picked it up.

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